Balmain and Trudon join together to launch limited edition candle

LEADING fashion and fragrances houses Balmain and Trudon have announced the release of a limited-edition version of their Balmain-Trudon scented candle. The product was originally launched over a year ago and has since become one of Balmain’s most popular collaborations. 

However, this time the packaging and glass container is in crimson red and features a new scent, derived from Trudon’s popular Enersto candle.

This also being the chosen scent of Balmain’s Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, and has become the signature olfactory within the Balmain offices, flagship stores and even Rousteing’s own home.

Balmain-Trudon Great and Classic candle

Rousteing worked alongside fragrance house Robertet’s perfumer Emilie Bouge to create this product. The result of their partnership being a concoction of feminine floral notes, combined with Ernesto’s masculine mix of tobacco, cedar and gunpowder. The finishing touch is a unique ingredient of black rose, giving this limited edition candle a distinct touch to reflect Rousteing’s 21st Century Balmain. 

Balmain-Trudon Great and Classic candle

The candle is encased in a luxurious red and gold glass container, which compliments the richness of what we see from Balmain’s fashion collections. Each vessel is handcrafted in Vinci, Tuscany and is inspired by the recognisable Marinière logo associated with the brand.

While celebrating the heritage of both houses, this latest collaboration is a showcase of how history can be taken, and reinterpreted, to create something new. 

 By Pia Brynteson

Classic size (270g): £120

Great Candle size ( (2.8kg) : £600

Products available for purchase here

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