Charity Autistica debut animated short film marking the start of Autism Awareness Month

“A LOT of things in the world don’t make sense right now, but when you’re autistic, the world has always seemed a bit, well, complicated.” So begins the new short film from autism research charity, Autistica, which ushers in World Autism Awareness Month by reminding us all that when life becomes hard to bear, mutual empathy goes a long way.

AUTISTICA1Still from Autistica animated short

Narrated by autistic actor Jules Robertson, best known as Holby City’s Jason Haynes, the animated short repaints the English capital through the eyes of an autistic Londoner, who’s having a difficult day.

The screens at Piccadilly Circus intersection become a mass of glaring, judging eyes, while the tube is a hotbed of overwhelming smells, sounds and unrelenting unpredictability. It’s a lot to process. The city’s “charming idiosyncrasies” are exposed as debilitating triggers, and the famous British stiff-upper-lip attitude worn like a “Keep Calm and Carry On” badge of honour by millions, suddenly feels cold and isolating.

Autistica2Still from Autistica animated short

Robertson explains, “Our minds are racing, trying to deal with everything hitting us all at once … the pressure builds and builds, it squeezes, making it hard to function. We find ways to cope, but it might be hard for you to understand.” Even if the commute is particularly attritional, it helps to keep calm and understand that to some, an overcrowded train carriage is more than just an inconvenience.

Autistica3Still from Autistica animated short

Autistica’s message is a simple one: there is still so much we don’t understand about autism. But if we understand more, we can build a better world for autistic people. To help raise autism awareness this month, share this film and use the hashtag #UnderstandMore

by Charlie Navin-Holder

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