Bamford expands their Geranium range with a candle and diffuser

WELLNESS and lifestyle brand Bamford has announced the launch of their Geranium Candle and Diffuser – a scent signature of the brand which withholds many beneficial properties. 

The scent is fundamental to Bamford’s establishment, as well as being a reflection of founder Carole Bamford’s admiration for scented-leaf plants. 

The geranium plant is loaded with benefits and is known for its anti-depressive properties, alongside its capacity to decrease excess body fluids and swelling in the limbs. It is calming for both the body and soul as it grounds and encourages overall harmony.

“I’ve had a lifelong fascination with geraniums. I’ve loved their scent since I was a little girl when I would reach for the green bottle of Floris’s Rose Geranium at bath time – just a few drops would fill the house with this wonderful mossy aroma with a gentle hint of sweetness. It’s a nostalgic scent for me; its earthiness feels grounding and reassuring.” – Carole Bamford

The new Geranium Candle and Diffuser is a development of the brand’s bath and body range, with Carole Bamford expressing: “It felt instinctive to me that geranium would become Bamford’s first and now signature fragrance, but I wanted to keep it fresh and modern so we balanced its softness with peppermint and eucalyptus to keep it uplifting and refreshing.

Extending the range with the 100% natural candle and diffuser is an exciting progression but one we wanted to ensure we got right. When I burn the candle at home it feels like I’m walking into my garden: we’ve captured its purity and beauty. It’s the scent of the English countryside: so calming, wonderfully unique.”

This May, the latest additions will be available for purchase, with the Geranium Diffuser retailing for £69.50, which consists of non-harmful essential oils and contains peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender aromas. 

The bottle is refillable and made from recyclable glass, forming the vessel that transports the scents of an English garden into the comfort of your home. 

The Geranium Candle is available in two sizes, with the 1.7kg retailing for £195 and the 220g for £50. The candle is also scented with essential oils, with its structure materialising from a combination of rapeseed, carnauba and beeswax, which is then hand-poured into its container.

With it also being aromatically comparable to the Geranium Diffuser, the calming scents of nature wonderfully complement the earthy geranium distinctive of Bamford.

by Nicole Pereira