Burberry launches series in honour of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

AS AN official platinum partner of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant this June, Burberry presents a collection of installations, artwork, and accessories to commend Her Majesty’s 70 years of service.

Burberry is proud to announce a partnership with Historic Royal Palaces in supporting Superbloom, with a zero-waste floating meadow as the first of their immersive outdoor installations.

A floral display of the Burberry logo, which has over 5,000 plants, will encircle the Tower of London and is planned to be replanted by volunteers after the parade is over.

The Burberry Floating Meadow Courtesy of BurberryThe Burberry Floating Meadow in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces and Superbloom. Courtesy of Burberry

The second is an art wall crafted in collaboration with image maker Jon Emmony, which aims to portray Burberry’s respect for the outdoors by picturing a hopeful future world. The work is rich in nature and biodiversity for Emmony creates a wondrous environment filled with animals and pollinators of the British woodlands.

The Burberry Art Wall in collaboration with Jon Emmony Courtesy of BurberryThe Burberry Art Wall in collaboration with Jon Emmony. Courtesy of Burberry

The third item in the series is Burberry’s Commemorative Jubilee Scarf which includes hand-illustrated flora and wildlife motifs. With a combination of Yew trees, bluebells, butterflies and squirrels, the drawings are teamed with birds that represent each of the four British nations – a robin for England, capercaillie for Scotland, sparrowhawk for Northern Ireland and a golden eagle for Wales.

Burberry's Commemorative Jubilee Scarf Courtesy of BurberryBurberry’s Commemorative Jubilee Scarf. Courtesy of Burberry

The final piece in the collective is The Children’s Jubilee Artwork Campaign from Armley Park Primary School in Leeds. Students were encouraged to design and write messages for The Queen which have later been enlarged and displayed on over 80 bus stops throughout Westminster.

The school is a recipient of Burberry’s partnership with Marcus Rashford MBE, the National Literacy Trust and Macmillan Children’s Books to aid young people’s education.

The Children's Jubilee Artwork Campaign in collaboration with Armley Park Primary School, Leeds Courtesy of BurberryThe Children’s Jubilee Artwork Campaign in collaboration with Armley Park Primary School, Leeds. Courtesy of Burberry

by Alicia Tomkinson

You can buy Burberry’s Commemorative Jubilee Scarf (£330) here

Burberry’s Floating Meadow will be open until June 1 at Butler’s Wharf Pier.

Burberry’s Art Wall will be open from June 1 – September 18 located at Tower of London.