Cartier celebrates the culture of design

CARTIER starts and ends with design. Known to create unique pieces of jewellery that stand the test of time and trends, each Cartier family of jewellery and watch have surpassed many by sustaining the seal of luxury. Ballon Bleu, Just en Clou, Love, Panthère, Santos, Tank and Trinity are families of  jewellery instantly recognisable by the eye to be Cartier.

Cartier 2021 Campaign

Each is designed and created with four principles in mind: the purity of the line, the accuracy of the shape, the precision of proportions and the precision of each detail.

The desire to ensure the purest structure is formed is executed through using pure lines, ultimately becoming a signature that Cartier has mastered. Simple designs ensure longevity.

Ballon Bleu Cartier Campaign 2021

Ballon Bleu Cartier Campaign

Tank Cartier Campaign 2021

Tank Cartier Campaign

Cartier’s exploration of shape has enabled them to create effortless pieces that last a lifetime. Taking circles, squares, ovals and rectangles and changing them to ensure symmetry, parallelism or asymmetry come together to give you a new perspective on the familiar. The accuracy of shape gives wearers the ability to wear Cartier every day and through all circumstances.

Santos Cartier Campaign 2021

Santos Cartier Campaign

The harmony of lines, shapes and volume create a balance in design that fits in naturally whatever context it enters. Reworking proportions without changing a piece’s elegance through technical innovation has helped Cartier jewellery and watches to become fully functional to the point where you don’t need to ever take them off – they become a part of your identity.

Love Cartier Campaign 2021

Love Cartier Campaign 2021

Juste un Clou Cartier Campaign 2021

Juste un Clou Cartier Campaign

The value of Cartier also lies in each detail – a nail has now become the much loved Juste en Clou and small circles with a horizontal line engraved through it are now identifiable as the classic Love collection. Each Cartier piece is an heirloom, an eternal part of your style.

Trinity Cartier Campaign 2021

Trinity Cartier Campaign

With this understanding of the unrivalled nature of Cartier, the French luxury house is inviting us to rediscover the beauty of each family. Diverse in nature, a new campaign has launched to highlight the four principles that each piece is centred around. Paying tribute to the classics, Cartier is shining a light on their most-loved rings, watches and bracelets.

Panthère de Cartier Campaign 2021

Panthère de Cartier Campaign

“Cartier is a pioneering house, in constant creative exploration. This campaign demonstrates the Maison’s ability to create cult designs that stand the test of time, objects that are at once immediately recognisable and bear witness to the past,” explains Marketing and Communication Director Arnaud Carrez.

“The simplicity and strength of these images allow us to celebrate a unique collection of cult design creations that have earned a place in the history of jewellery and watchmaking, and in the hearts of our customers.”

The campaign reignites the recognition for these pieces that have truly gained a place in the hall of jewellery fame.

by Imogen Clark