Chanel announces exclusive collaboration with the Grand Palais

CHANEL is the exclusive sponsor to the renovation of the Grand Palais in Paris. The fashion house will contribute €25m to the restoration in a project which will begin in December 2020 and conclude in 2024, ready in time for the Paris Olympics.

The Grand Palais is a historical monument which sits on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in the heart of the capital. Originally built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900, the space is now strongly associated with Chanel as the backdrop for the Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture shows. A profound example of Beaux-Arts architecture with its remarkable size and domed glass roof has played inspiration to and created countless possibilities for a fashion show location.

Grand Palais

Chanel SS18 Haute Couture show

Since 2005, Karl Lagerfeld has transformed the space season after season into spectacular and innovative runways including a Greek amphitheater, an airport terminal and a Parisian brasserie – to name a few. Most recently we saw the space as a traditional French style garden, complete with greenery and roses, for the 2018 couture show.

Grand Palais

Chanel AW17 Haute Couture show

As well as serving as a beloved Parisian landmark and famous tourist spot, the Grand Palais is also a museum and venue for a range of events and art exhibitions. The makeover is thought to further inspire future national and international events, while gifting Paris with a beautifully restored Grand Palais – reinforcing and securing the original splendour of this iconic piece of architecture.

Grand Palais

Chanel AW17 Ready-to-Wear show

In the most extensive revamp since its opening, the project will see the refurbishment of the interiors, décor and lighting. A major aspect will be the connection of previously secluded parts of the building through a central pathway – the Rue des Palais. The surrounding outside area will also be tidied up and refreshed accordingly.

Grand Palais

Chanel AW13 Ready-to-Wear show

The sponsorship will further strengthen the close ties between the monument and the house, highlighting Chanel’s dedication to supporting the cultural and historical heritage of the city. Following from the same commitments expressed by the house’s founder Gabrielle Chanel.

“This Parisian institution has a universal vocation, and we are proud and delighted to accompany the Grand Palais and its President, Sylvie Hubac, in such an ambitious restoration and renovation project,” said Bruno Pavlovsky, Fashion President of Chanel in a press release.

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