Chanel Cruise Collection 2019

THE Chanel Cruise collection literalised the concept of vacation dressing, staging the catwalk alongside a giant replica cruise liner in Paris’s Grand Palais. Nautical inspiration was evident across all the outfits which drew heavily on hues of white and navy, adding dashes of marine blue and sunset orange. A group of male models dressed as sailors lounged onboard the ship at the beginning of the show, watching with an easy elegance as models in loose striped trousers strode down the catwalk.

The collection encompassed multiple references to the history of Chanel, with the ship named La Pausa in a nod to Gabrielle Chanel’s French Riviera holiday home. Silhouettes from the 1920s were paired with ‘60s inspired cat-eyes, white tights and touches of PVC, while the incorporation of elements such as puffed shoulders and fingerless gloves referenced the ‘80s takeover by Karl Lagerfeld. Here was a revival of the original motivation behind Cruise collections, providing elegant holiday wardrobes for the upper echelons of society.

Touches of ripped denim and leather brought a tougher edge to high society dressing, offsetting the proliferation of pastel tweeds, two-piece suits and layers of pearls. The models wore textured berets atop loose and glossy waves of hair, encapsulating the breezy, effortless glamour that characterised the show.

Overall, the collection exuded confident, polished femininity, with each look ready to be worn onboard a voyage to the most opulent of destinations.

by Rachel Parker

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