Dior and Denim Tears launch series of global pop-ups

THE ART of collaboration is something Kim Jones has mastered during this tenure at Dior and this summer, the designer and guest designer Denim Tears have come together for an exclusive series of pop-ups.

Utilising the space as a vehicle to promote their collaboration, the store will travel from London to Seoul via Tokyo and Shanghai, offering customers a chance to fully immerse themselves in this multi-sensory experience. Finished with installations and inflatables, the vibrant space is punctuated with a curation of musical sessions relating back to the show’s backdrop in Cairo, Egypt.

Dior Tears at Phonica Records, London Pop

Not only does this tour of the pop-up give you an exclusive chance to fully indulge in this collab, but it gives you a chance to get your hands on some of the collection before it drops in stores – like the re-edition of B33 sneakers; an ideal summer buy for your holiday wardrobe.

by Imogen Clark

London: 8-13 July; Tokyo: 11-30 July; Seoul 13-22 July; and Shanghai: 15 – 25 July.

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