Duddell’s presents Another Pair of Eyes New exhibition curated by artist Yutaka Inagawa

AN EXHIBITION entitled Another Pairs of Eyes has opened in Duddell’s, the Hong Kong cultural and social destination. The show, curated by Japanese artist-curator Yutaka Inagawa, features 28 artworks from the collection of Jehan Chu, Michael Xufu Huang, William Lim and Cindy Chua-Tay.


Another Pair of Eyes at Duddell’s

For Inagawa, collecting contemporary art and directing a well-curated restaurant can be similar. Both of them can be considered as the acts of mapping the world – comprising multi-layered structures by utilising a variety of sources to draw on the past, present and future. These are sophisticated curatorial endeavours already. What if an artist-curator re-applies an overarching, or even humble, curatorial framework to these “curated” content?


Another Pair of Eyes at Duddell’s

Does this only create a nuisance, or is there the chance for multiple personas and webs of parallel interconnection (or fragmentation) to arise? Another Pair of Eyes is Inagawa’s experiment on balancing both discreet and obvious protagonists resonates with a unique cultural cohesion for a kaleidoscopic outcome. He works with artworks from the collections, alongside Duddell’s existing elements. Paintings, prints, photography, sculptures and personal objects from the private collections are placed at Duddell’s to interact with its dishes, tableware, furniture and architectural/ interior spatial considerations, all acting as agents for an immersive cultural experience. Guests are encouraged to take the important role as protagonists, bringing their own stories and histories. Together, all combine to form an orchestrated polyrhythm.


Another Pair of Eyes at Duddell’s

When selecting what artworks to include, Inagawa considers a holistic landscape that create a sense of new interconnection among the all protagonists within the collections, the restaurant/ bar environment and sculptural pedestal. Unlike the usual white cube space, the dominant décor and textures at Duddell’s make a chemical reaction with each artwork. ‘It is exciting to consider marginal areas of each protagonists and contents, as a rich estuary towards collective reality,’ said Inagawa, ‘The process is sort of like juggling with many elements and aspects, creating a dialogue between artwork and the architectural characteristics and décor.’

The four participating collectors, namely Jehan Chu, Michael Xufu Huang, William Lim and Cindy Chua-Tay, each contributed several artworks and objects from their private collections to the show. To them, the show is also about re-injecting new energy to the private collections, opening up the artworks by putting them in a different setting in a semi-public space.

Another Pair of Eyes is supported by Principle Art Sponsor Ruinart and Logistic Partner Helutrans. The exhibition is part of the year-round art programme at Duddell’s, which is sponsored by Ruinart. Open to all art enthusiasts and spearheaded by cultural leaders, the programme includes world class exhibitions curated by prominent art personalities as well as a continuous series of art talks, performances, film screenings and other events by Hong Kong’s cultural innovators.

by Emma Hart

Another Pair of Eyes is on until March 8, 2020 at Duddell’s, Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion
1 Duddell Street, Central Hong Kong

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