Floris launches Chypress – a perfect summer perfume

ONE of our favourite annual rituals is the hunt for the ultimate summer perfume. The quest begins in the spring, as the ideal summer fragrance is one that can be also be worn in the cooler months, to establish a familiarity with the scent and anticipate hot, heady days to come.

Happily for us, the heritage perfumer Floris has launched Chypress – a fragrance created to reflect a new age for the brand. We know women who are more faithful to their Floris Bluebell than they are to their husbands and  we quite understand why … the traditional florals of this house are expertly formulated and reward devotion. But Chypress has been created to stand out from the traditional Floris fragrances, and to recognise a modern, younger customer.  Chypress is a modern re-working of a classic Chypre, and has been formulated to convey creaminess and sparkle – like a vintage champagne. Orangeflower, bergamot, rose and osmanthus give feminine, fresh floral accents to the base notes of moss and patchouli.

Floris Chypress EDTFloris Chypress

Colognes are wonderful in spring and early summer, but citrus notes don’t last in intense heat, and although it can be pleasant to douse yourself in cologne throughout the day, who really has the time? A traditional Chypre is a steadfast scent, in which the topnotes lift your spirits and seduce the casual passer-by, while the basenotes keep you rooted and refreshed.

A cool, green base – which can be mossy, woody or herbaceous – characterises a Chypre, and makes it a good choice for the hottest of summer days, but a traditional Chypre can be a little touch-me-not … we like a touch more seduction, a little more langour in our summer fragrance.

In Floris Chypress we find the perfect balance for summer: its cool, earthy base invigorates, while the cleverly chosen floral notes add freshness and softness without slipping into blowsiness or sentimentality. Versatile, subtle and refreshing, we don’t expect its charms to fade in autumn …

by Rachel McCormack

Floris Chypress EDT retails at £60 (50ml), £80 (100ml) available here


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