Glass discovers the world of luxury Italian wine in Franciacorta

WHEN we think of sparkling wine, the mind usually jumps to the Champagne region, as it is responsible for producing some of the world’s most famous bubbles. If protected status, appellation and traditional winemaking methods are all factors of its prestige, then why have we been sleeping on Italian Franciacorta?

Castelveder Estate. Photograph: FabioCattabiani

The wine’s long ageing process, craftsmanship, and low acidity gives it a truly unforgettable flavour. Its recent partner, Milan Fashion Week, further amplifies Franciacorta’s sense of Italian fashion and style.

Franciacorta originated in Brescia, Lombardy, which is a northern region wedged between Milan and Verona. Its cultural allure comes in the form of historic castles, stunning landscapes and quaint vineyards. Each winemaker thrives as their crop grows in the unique moronic glacier soil, which lends itself to Franciacorta’s light, palatable taste.

Grape, Harvest

A visit to the Consortium of Franciacorta explains the wine’s DOCG (Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita) status. As for understanding its flavour, Bellavista vineyard will capture your tastebuds, giving you the opportunity to tour their cellars whilst sampling their core range, much of which can now be found in high-end stores globally.

Not far is Ricci Curbastro, an impressive 18-generation winery that pays homage to its long winemaking history whilst embracing sustainable methods. Their on-site museum is the perfect insight into the region’s long relationship with wine.


You’ll receive a more humbled insight of Franciacorta at the Castelveder Estate, which takes you through a hilly vineyard where you can hear the story of Renato and Elena Alberti, who planted their vines in 1975, convinced that they had the secret to perfect Italian bubbles. Their niece Camilla now honours their legacy through vibrant Franciacorta expressions.

An inevitable consequence of this lavish wine region is the presence of good food. Italy’s culinary offerings are no secret, but in Brescia, you’ll experience Franciacorta’s true versatility as you enjoy it in vineyards, but also when paired with classic Italian dishes.

Is it time we truly made Franciacorta the official toast to luxury bubbles?

by Katrina Mirpuri

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