Bamford releases refillable diffusers in its new Garden Collection

INSPIRED by the scent of English gardens, Bamford release their five new, single note fragrance, reed diffusers. Whilst evoking memories of the rare English spring-summertime, the scents are housed in their iconic, recyclable green bottles and are made with oils containing eco-solvents, to ensure you can carry the smell all year round.

By developing from renewable sources, Bamford continues in the right direction, using sustainable alternatives to petrochemical solvents, and creates an eco-friendly product that is also not toxic towards people either.

Bamford Garden Diffuser Collection

Bamford English Garden Diffuser Collection (£55, 250ml)

The inviting, fresh fragrances include Wisteria, Garden Rose, White Iris, English Lavender and Lily of the Valley, which all together comprise that of a perfect English garden.

“My garden is my sanctuary: a place of refuge, somewhere I retreat to for solitude and contemplation, for inspiration,” explains Carole Bamford, “but above all to immerse myself in the sounds and sights of nature, which nurture my soul and leave me calm and centred.”

With aiming to capture that tranquility and the idea of being at one with nature, a strong sense of pride is revealed within this collection, of just how great the English soil can be.

So will it be the sweet musky scent of Wisteria or the crisp green waft from Lily of the Valley this summer?

by Alicia Tomkinson

Retails £55, 250ml

Bamford English Garden Diffuser Collection  retail at £55, (250ml) with refills at £35