Glass enjoys barefoot luxury in Villa Orchestra Sul Mare, Sardinia

SITUATED within the breath-taking cliffs of the Sardinian coast, Villa Orchestra Sul Mare is an oasis of curiosity and indulgent luxury. Though an accessible property, listed both on a private website and Airbnb, while visiting it is not difficult to imagine yourself in one of the islands best-kept secrets – one which authentically embraces the rich culture of the area.

After blissfully immersing myself within the indescribably blue ocean which lays below the villa, I ponder on its fascinating architecture. There are no clean lines, nor is there an identifiable structure, and yet that is a key feature of its unique charm. The tiered property, consisting of six separate suites, hugs the landscape of cliffs which cascades down as if it has simply emerged from the rocky terrain.

The design speaks to the property’s commitment to the local natural beauty, and promotion of a so-called “barefoot luxury” experience which hopes to surround visitors with the charm of Torre Delle Steele, something I believe, it does incredibly successfully.

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It is no secret that we live in a world where minimalist architecture reigns supreme. A less is more approach has become the reserve of many Insta-interior decorators and TikTok aesthetic compiler accounts, but Villa Orchestra Sul Mare’s breakaway from this is entirely welcomed. Its quirky decor provides for an overwhelmingly comforting and homelike vacation, the freshness of the Mediterranean Sea air enhancing the experience further.

Though this south Sardinian daydream has long been a hotspot for many luxuries vacationer and celebrities alike since the 1960s, it still manages to helplessly transport you back in time, as its perfectly secluded location removes all distraction from the outside world and substitutes stress for serenity.

Glass Travel Italy 51

Admittedly situated within a quiet village, there are an endless number of local amenities to enjoy, and just a short way from the villa itself is Cala Delfino. As one of Sardinia’s most exclusive coves, it’s the perfect place for you to live out your off-duty Sophia Loren fantasy and lose track of time surrounded by the all-natural beauty.

Granted, this spot is idyllic for a couple’s holiday, but would also be the perfect escape for the lone traveller, just make sure you come equipped with an extensive book collection and playlist so you can fully create your main character storyline. Other local beaches include the Genn’e Mari and Cann’e Sisa, all certainly worth a visit, and make sure to add Capo Carbonara to your lists if you’re a fan of recreational scuba diving.

However, if you prefer to relax around the villa, the property is perfect for that too. Each suite is incredibly spacious and is surrounded by a dreamlike landscape with views to spare. Likewise, the private patios – depending on which suite you are staying in – and two accessible pools on different levels of the villa provide ideal sunbathing locations.

If you’re a fan of arts and culture, the area is ripe with local music and creativity that echoes the very pillars of inspiration the property was created and is an awakening and educating experience all-in-one.

Glass Travel Italy 51

Glass Travel Italy 51

Glass Travel Italy 51

There is an undeniable charm to staying at the Villa Orchestra Sul Mare. From its breathtaking location to its undeniably attractive mismatched aesthetic, it’s a luxury vacation which goes beyond relaxation and likewise promotes comfortability above all. Coming away from the Villa, I felt I had been nourished by everything the local area had to offer, from the cuisine to the nature, to the art, its raw authenticity was a standout above all and provided a vacation I can only hope to experience again.

by Ben Sanderson