Berluti unveils The New Golf Capsule Collection

INSPIRED by the intrinsic values of passion, fair play, respect, perseverance, humility, temperance, and intelligence, Berluti reveals its New Golf Capsule Collection.

Together with Berluti’s expert craftsmanship, the series gathers an elegant jacket with leather detailing, also available in a sleeveless version, and a pair of matching casual pants, along with a sweater and a polo shirt (in knit or breathable jersey piqué) initialled with the Berluti B on the chest, all of which follow a theme of greens, baby blues and neutral tones.

Berluti New Golf Capsule CollectionBerluti New Golf Capsule Collection

In unveiling these garments, we see the dedication to this sport of sports and how the Maison has modernised such an iconic costume, further shown through accessories and shoes. Amongst the footwear, the new leather Swing lace-up derby carries a sole designed for golfing and comes in a Nero Grigio, Nero Verde, Black or Brown patina. A cap, a visor, a golf ball case, and a cotton and linen bag with two handles in Nero Verde patinated leather are also introduced.

Berluti New Golf Capsule CollectionBerluti New Golf Capsule Collection

Finally, a golf bag is available which showcases the centrepiece of this capsule collection and is handmade to special order. Equipped with four aluminium tees, three golf balls, and three head covers, this item is beautifully unique and still holds everything in a golfer’s dream. The bag can be monogrammed with your initials and portrays a new chapter for Berluti and the world of golf.

by Alicia Tomkinson