The Glass Father’s Day Drinks Gift Guide 2023

WITH Father’s Day coming up soon, it’s always a good idea to treat your Dad to a bottle of something nice. We’ve assembled a selection of exciting wines, spirits and drink accessories that are perfect gifting options to mark the occasion. 

1996 Deanston by Limited Whisky

£186 – buy here

Belonging to the Whisky Partners family, this release is an exciting whisky which is part of their new concept which sees a new rare single-cask whisky drop every month. 1996 Deanston is a premium whisky which boasts notes of sweet toffee and nutmeg on the nose followed by flavours of citrus and earthy coffee on the palate. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a brilliant 26-year-old whisky!

Eternal Spring in Sugarlandia gift canister by Don Papa

£37 – buy here 

Don Papa Rum has released a limited-edition gifting canister which provides a beautiful shell for their iconic rum. The rum captures the sweet flavours of the Philippines using sugar cane which grows in the thriving volcanic soil by Mount Kanlaon. Don Papa is great for rum lovers looking for a light versatile liquid. This expression is light and fruity with a long finish. It’s perfect for sipping over ice or shaken up into a cocktail. 

Glass Gift Set by Nikka Days

£47.95 – buy here

This glass gift set is perfect if you want to gift some whisky to someone that loves Highballs. The gift set comes with two ultra thin, minimalist glasses, which are for serving up Highballs in. The liquid itself is one that has gained critical acclaim in the whisky world, boasting a medium body with floral and zesty flavours which sit comfortably on top of sweeter vanilla notes. This is the ideal gift for someone who wants a vibrant whisky with undertones of peat. 


£42 – buy here

This premium Scotch blend encapsulates the taste of Scotland by using a blend from 5 important whisky-producing regions: Islay, Speyside, Campbeltown, Highlands and Lowlands. It is the brainchild of whisky expert, George Koutsakis, and former Formula One racing star, Jenson Button. The combination of the whisky Is responsible for the depth in flavour, and the long-lasting flavours can be discovered if sipped neat, or even mixed with punchy ginger ale. 

El Rayo Plata

£37.95 – buy here

El Rayo celebrates the roots of Mexico through the wonderful blue agave plant. It boasts herbal aromas, subtle spices and bright zesty citrus notes, all of which are perfect for the summer months. The makers of El Rayo suggest drinking the tequila with tonic, as their signature serve. Undoubtedly the T&T is a winner for any tequila lover. 

12 Stars by Metaxa

£35 – buy here

Lovers of darker spirits might be curious to try out this Greek-made brandy-style liqueur. Metaxa 12 Stars is made from eau de vie, and captures the flavours of the country by using premium grapes from the island of Samos. It has a distinct taste of Muscat wines and fresh botanicals and tastes great shaken into a cocktail or served with a mixer.

2008 Reserve Tequila by Nobu Rare

£402 – buy here whilst stocks last

Chef Nobu teamed up with Qui Tequila to create this brilliant limited edition, barrel-aged release. This comes as one of three new releases, but what makes this one extra special is the limited supply of 1500 bottles. This is the ideal gift for a Tequila lover or drinks collector. The liquid has a long finish and sips like a fine whisky. 

Superleggero Spirits glass by Riedel

£37.50 – buy here

Riedel glasses are considered to be the perfect vessels for drinking alcohol in, and this spirits glass is the perfect accompaniment to any bottle of fine liquid. The slim flute-shaped bowl is ideal for enhancing the aroma and taste of spirits. If you’re buying a bottle of something nice for your Dad, why not buy one of these glasses for him to enjoy it in. 

1856 Premium Whiskey by Uncle Nearest

£67.94 – buy here

This premium Whiskey is produced in Tennessee using a blend of rye and corn before being aged in new American oak barrels which lends it a sweet and earthy flavour. The name ‘Uncle Nearest’ refers to a man called Nathan Green who was the first known African American master distiller in the USA. Retailing just under £70, this is the ideal whisky if you want to buy something less common for your whisky loving Father. 

Baltaz corkscrew by Peugeot

£99.99 – buy here

Any wine lover needs a good corkscrew. This lever corkscrew from Baltaz will guide you to open any bottle of wine with ease. It has a built-in foil cutter and an easy-grip arm lever which guides the screw into the cork and pulls it out without the need to pull with force. 

by Katrina Mirpuri

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