The Glass Father’s Day Gadgets Gift Guide 2023

WITH Father’s Day just one month away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about that special gift to say thanks. With hundreds of gadgets on the market, it’s hard to know which ones are worth the investment. In this guide, you’ll find gifts ideal for music lovers, cooks, wine enthusiasts and everything in between. We’ve tried and tested each of these to ensure the best quality. Read on for some Father’s Day gifting inspiration. 

The Philips Hue floor lamp

Philips Hue Signe gradient floor lamp

Lighting is key to setting the mood in a house, and this sleek tube-shaped floor lamp is ideal for adding extra ambience to any space. The lamp boasts an array of colours which can be controlled via the Philips Hue app, where you can select from preset colours or choose the exact colour and brightness to suit you. If you’re a fan of gadgets, this lamp is as futuristic as it gets. It can also be paired with other Philips Hue devices meaning you can control all the lighting you want from the palm of your hand.

The lamp retails at £279.99 and can be purchased here

Gomi speaker

Gomi Bluetooth Speaker

Brighton-born brand Gomi has sustainability at the forefront of its product. Each of their speakers is made from recycled plastic bags and old e-bike batteries, giving these otherwise wasteful materials a fashionable second life. The marbled design of the speaker is unique and would look great in the house or on a picnic. As for sound quality, the Gomi packs a punch! At 70% volume, you’ll easily fill a room with music, but if you need to power a larger event the speakers are able to pair up, doubling up in power for a full stereo sound. With fast USB-C charging and a 30+ hour battery life, this gadget is a great buy as it offers a green alternative to most commercial Bluetooth speakers. 

The Gomi speaker is priced at £299 and can be purchased here

Horl 2 table top knife sharpener

Horl 2 Knife Sharpener 

We all know how expensive a good new kitchen knife costs. Luckily, dull kitchen knives needn’t be thrown away with a good knife sharpener. The Horl 2’s dual-ended ceramic and diamond grinding discs offer the perfect sharpening surface to revive any blade! All you have to do is magnetically attach your knife to the angle support and shave away. Having tried and tested this on the bluntest knife we could find, this is a great gift that offers a sustainable and financially smart solution for your kitchen blades. 

Horl 2 retails at £159 and can be bought here

Sony Bluetooth LinkBuds S in blue

Sony LinkBuds S

It’s hard to choose a good pair of earphones with so many on the market, but this Sony pair is super slick. They fit comfortably in the ear and have an effective noise-cancelling feature with the option to control the ambient sound in the background. The buds are easy to connect to from the moment you open the box, cutting out the need for a formal installation. If you want to make the most of them, download the Sony app where you can enjoy its 360-degree immersive experience. 

LinkBuds S retail at £139 and can be purchased here

The LAICA Dual Flo Kettle

LAICA Dual Flo Kettle

A kettle might not be the most exciting gift, but when it has a smart dual function it instantly becomes more interesting. LAICA’s Dual Flo has a hands-free pouring feature which is convenient for multitaskers and those with mobility issues. 

The kettle retails at £69 and can be purchased here

The Philips One Blade with its attachments

Philips One Blade

When it comes to lightweight hair trimmers, the Philips One Blade takes the prize. Its small blade is ideal for trimming any length of hair, and it can move around with ease due to its rotating head. The trimmer also comes with an adjustable trimmer head which can be altered to suit the length of hair desired. This is the perfect gift for anyone who travels as it can be packed away with much convenience. 

The Philips One Blade retails at £50 and can be purchased here. 

The new AromaFresh from Melitta

The Melitta AromaFresh II Filter Coffee Machine

Melitta coffee machines are great value for money, and this new release is arguably the most stylish model they’ve put out. This functional filter coffee machine has a built-in ceramic bean grinder with 11 settings. It also comes with a removable glass coffee jug for easy cleaning and pouring. Coffee fans can control each element of their brew from strength to the coarseness of the beans. There’s even a setting for keeping the coffee warm if you’re serving it over a period of time. This gift is ideal for the Dad who regularly buys fresh beans, as the machine will match the quality of a coffee shop with its advanced functions. To top it off, it has a brilliant descaling function meaning cleaning it is easier than ever. 

The Melitta AromaFresh is available to buy for £234.99 and can be purchased here

The Suri toothbrush in black

Suri Electric Toothbrush

Did you know it takes 500 years for a plastic toothbrush to decompose? With most ending up in landfill or making their way into our oceans, there’s no better time to make the switch to a more sustainable option. Suri toothbrushes are designed to be recycled and repaired meaning they have the longevity needed to last you years, unlike many other commercial toothbrush brands. With strong sonic vibrations, Suri rivals the big toothbrush brands, offering a powerful brush that deep cleans without the eco guilt. If you’re stuck for gift choices for any occasion, this one never fails. 

The Suri toothbrush is priced at £75 and can be purchased here.

The NuFACE MINI starter kit

NuFACE MINI + starter kit

This gadget is perfect for those looking to take care of their skin and reduce the signs of early ageing. The NuFACE has become a cult product amongst celebrities and skincare fanatics as it helps to visibly lift the face, giving an overall fresh and young skinfeel. NuFACE sends low-level microcurrents through the skin, working the facial muscles. Think of it as a facial exercise, without the hard work. The machine also comes with a hydrating gel and brightening cream which helps to keep skin glowing and fresh.

The NuFACE MINI retails at £200 and can be purchased here.  

The PowerPic Mod wireless charger

Twelve South PowerPic Mod 

Wireless charging has become easier than ever, and with the Twelve South Power Pic Mod, all you have to do is place your phone on the holder and let it do its thing. The minimalist, stylish design blends in perfectly with modern interiors, taking away the need for messy wires. 

The PowerPic Mod retails at £54.95 and can be purchased here

Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod

In a time when smartphones have replaced the traditional camera, there are lots of ways to shoot great content without the need of technical knowledge. If you’re looking to give the perfect gift to someone that loves capturing those fast moments on video, the pivo pod will assist in that area. It acts as a gimbal-type gadget with pivotal support and 6 different tracking speeds. It works for everything from capturing holiday content to live streams, and the device can be controlled by an app which means you can self-shoot everything you need!

Pivo Pod retails at £144.99 and can be bought here

Noble Macmillan phone bank with leather wallet

Noble Macmillan Phone Bank

These slim phone banks from Noble Macmillan come with a stylish leather pouch, which can be personalised with names and monograms for that personal touch. They come in a variety of different colours, and the pouches are all made by hand in workshops in the UK, Spain and Italy. This is the perfect gift for Dads on the go as it fits perfectly in bags and pockets, unlike most bulky power banks on the market. 

£50 and can be purchased here

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