Glass previews the 2022 Harewood Biennial

WE ARE all hoping 2022 marks a year of new beginnings. From March next year we can celebrate the innovations and teachings of 15 artistic practitioners in the Harewood Biennial held at Harewood House, near Leeds in Yorkshire. In 2019 curator Hugo Macdonald themed the biennial Useful Beautiful.

Next year Macdonald welcomes in Radical Acts: Why Craft Matters, “The biennial is not so much an exhibition as a call to arms; every person has the power to make positive change and everybody counts. It is a radical act to take responsibility for our lifestyle and our livelihoods, and to discover that our future is in our hands.”

Mac Collins, outside Harewood House. Photograph: Dawn Kelly

We haven’t had much control over our lives over the past two years, in fact we have been very much dictated to as a result of the pandemic.

The Harewood Biennial places the power back in our hands, encouraging us to challenge the status quo, whether that be through designer and artist Mac Collins engagement and recognition of  the “heritage of the house placing the Caribbean community into the narrative”, or Fernando Laposses groundbreaking agricultural project, Totmoxtle, or founder of Community Clothing, Patrick Grant’s leading efforts within the manufacturing and distribution in fashion.

Margent Farm, Polyvalent Studio designed by Practice Architecture, Cambridgeshire, 2020

Sebastian Cox, in his South London studio. Photograph: Dawn Kelly

Hear more about these exciting projects in the Harewood Biennial podcast episodes and enjoy watching the various artists short videos. A glimpse of what to come.

by Charlie Newman

The Harewood Biennial is on from March 26, 2022 until August 29, 2022

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