Glass reviews the B12 treatment at the Victor and Garth clinic, east London


I WAS very excited to hear about affordable, I mean really affordable, vitamin B12 injections now available at Victor and Garth, in east London. B12 is hard to absorb from your diet, and, as I am a vegan, even harder.

B12 is important for loads of things, but in particular, energy and vitality and the ability of your body to just do all the things a body should do.

Victor and GarthThe founders of Victor & Garth Aesthetics – Dr Miriam (left) and Dr Lauren (right)

I went to Victor and Garth, and was greeted by the most affable, low key, approachable and smartest doctors – Dr Lauren and Dr Miriam – who totally know everything about nutrition, about what B12 does (pretty much everything, to make the body function at the optimum level).

It’s really hard to get in the diet, even if you eat well, because the soil is depleted and if you are a meat eater, they have to inject the animals with B12 so people can get it from the meat, if they eat meat. That seems screwball to me. The friendly doctors, who work for the NHS as well, do aesthetic treatments at their clinic mainly, but are very into supportive nutrition.

Victor and GarthDr Lauren (left) and Dr Miriam (right) of Victor & Garth Aesthetics

Here’s why you need to get a B12 shot with them. It makes you feel better than you did before you went in, quite quickly. I wanted to hold a party.  It makes you want to eat healthier foods and not eat rubbish.

I can’t exactly explain why this is so, except, you don’t want to undo whatever good the injection does. Also, it does not hurt. Bit of a pinch, but that is it.  You do not need to lay there for hours with a vitamin infusion, feeling slightly fraudulent.

The doctors are super friendly and low key. You feel like you are popping in for a cuppa and a chat, but a chat about smart stuff that will make you feel better. Then you pull your tights down and show them your bum and boom, you are transformed.

They are also disarmingly honest. If your B12 levels are fine, you will not feel a massive difference, except they give extra support for when you are not feeling that great.

If your stock is quite depleted – as mine clearly was – you will feel a substantial difference, quite quickly. After the treatment, at the time of day I usually start to flag, I felt ready to skip. For several hours.

I am writing this several days later and not getting that five PM slump. This is a miracle.

Dr Lauren and Dr Miriam suggest top ups once every three months. At £40 a pop, that’s £120 a year which is what I could easily spend on oral supplements – and some work, some don’t. This does.

by Michele Kirsch

Victor & Garth, Unit 6, Fount London, 188 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6HU

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