Glass reviews Alexandra Kay Pure Essential Oil Blends



FULL disclosure: my favourite scents are always essential oils, often blends, and often aggressively strong to others in my passing cloud of scented serenity. I have had “What the ___ is that? Patchouli? Are you from like, the ‘70s or something?”

Well, technically, yes, from my nascent scent-wearing years, unless you include baby oil, I am a scent child of the early ‘70s, and we just did not DO the whole less is more thing. We splashed it on, abundantly, joyfully fumigating crash-pads, dens, whatever. We came, we saw, we doused, we suffocated.


Time To Relax – Alexandra Kay £20 for 10ml

In my later years I have discovered the beauty of pulse points, and dabbing not splashing, which means I’ve not only not had death threats from people with a different sense of scents, to me, but that I have been able to explore readymade combinations of things I have previously had to combine myself, with usually nauseating results.

So, three cheers for my new best friends at Green People, who have brought out a solves every situation range of essential oil blends – entitled Alexandra Kay.

Time To Relax is a heady, woodsy combination of Patchouli, Vetiver and Lavender. I can’t tell you what the top note is or the bottom one is, because I’m too bloody relaxed to bother. It’s SO GORGEOUS. I can’t even. I just want to smell like this and feel like this all the time. I am so ZEN wearing this stuff, I pretended to be interested in car insurance to a caller from Mumbai. I don’t even have a car. I was just all, “Whatever….”

Time To Smile – Alexandra Kay £20 for 10ml

Time To Smile, a combination of Lemon, Cedarwood and Sweet Orange is, I got to say, totally uplifting. The citrus zing put a spring in my step, and, as in wearing the Relax blend, I was complimented on my scent. I don’t usually let people get close enough to smell me. Everybody is like, “What’s that? Where’d ya get it? Do you have any on you?”

Time To Sleep – Alexandra Kay £20 for 10ml

Time To Sleep is my total favourite, and not just because it really does what it says on the bottle. It smells heavenly. This is Lavender, Bergamot and Frankincense in perfect, sleepy-eyed synch. Except I wear it during the day as well, as THIS one gets the most compliments. “What IS that?” in a lovely way, not a “Don’t invade my smell space” way.

Each blend costs £20 for 10ml and if used the smart, pulse point way, will last you months.


By Michele Kirsch


For more information visit the Alexandra Kay site