Glass reviews new perfumes offering a sense of space

A scent of space

IN THIS time of lockdown and limited to non-existent travel, when some of us yearn to escape, Glass focusses on new fragrances which can transport you to another place or time – such as the Australian coast, the Silk Routes of Central Asia and the aromatic lavender fields of Grasse.

Perfume G&B Bohemian Lime NEWGoldfield and Banks, Bohemian Lime

Goldfield and Banks, Bohemian Lime

From the highly original Australian brand which only use ingredients indigenous to the region, some of which have never been used in perfumes before such as finger lime, Bohemian Lime is a fresh citrus scent with an abundance of warm, more sensual notes like coriander, vetiver, cedarwood and sandalwood. Dreamy!

£135 | Perfume Concentrate |100ml

Available at Selfridges



Ojar perfume

Ojar, Épine Du Desert

Ojar, Épine Du Desert

This Omani brand producing gorgeous fragrance oils which have a dual top applicator – a roll on and a stick wand – Épine Du Desert is a sophisticated and subtle blend of rose, jasmine, saffron, suede and sandalwood.

£130 | Perfume Oil | 20ml





Ostens, Impression Cashmeran Velvet

Ostens, Impression Cashmeran Velvet
Ostens is a fabulous perfume house. Working with master perfumers to produce high quality fragrances inspired by a sole ingredients in luxurious packaging at a frankly brilliant price, each perfume is accompanied by a complimentary perfumed oil. Each scent of the collection is deeply covetable but Cashmeran Velvet is the perfect winter vibe rich relaxing and enveloping – with cedarwood, vanilla, patchouli heart and musk.

£105 | Eau de Parfum | 50ml



La Panthère ParfumCartier, La Panthère Parfum

Cartier, La Panthère Parfum
The feline classic from Cartier has been reinvigorated this year by leading nose Mathilde Laurent its original composition of gardenia, honey and musk has been lightened by the sprinkling of some fruity notes such as rhubarb, strawberry and dried fruits which make it a lovely feminine floral.

£117 | Eau de Parfum | 75ml

Available at Selfridges



Perfume Parle Moi de Parfum EDP HAUTE PROVENCE _ 89 - 100ml with shadowParle Moi de Parfum, Haute Provence

Parle Moi de Parfum, Haute Provence
Can lavender be juicy, sexy even? Inspired by the lavender fields of Provence, Parle Moi de Parfum, seem to think so. Haute Provence being a case in point. This is a very wearable lavender scent – a million miles away from its fusty reputation (which I actually don’t mind). Fruity, moreish, intriguing.

£98 | Eau de Parfum | 50ml

Available at Selfridges




Perfume: Bukhara by Gallivant - bottleGallivant, Bukhara

Gallivant, Bukhara
The latest from the range that explores locations in scent – now it takes a trip across central Asia, especially Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan such as its namesake Bukhara – there you literally go– earthy, woody slightly metallic. Totally wearable.

£65 | Eau de Parfum | 30ml

Available from the Gallivant site




perfume salt


Perfumer H, Salt

Perfumer H, Salt
God can I just say, I love this perfume from the British perfume genius Lynn Harris, who has taken on the (no easy) task of expressing her favourite flavours in fragrance. And they are not what you would expect. Salt is delicate and complex  – hints of wood, glimpses of herbs and oh so subtle citrus.

£140 (1420 HKD) | Eau de Parfum | 50ml


Immortelle Plain by Shahrzad Ehya

Carta, Immortelle, 43/17

Carta, Immortelle, 43/17
This a very lovely perfume company I found on Instagram, the exquisite Carta perfumes are beautifully presented in the most elegant bottles. Founded in San Francisco by Heather D’Angelo, an ecologist who is also a musician, Carta (the Italian for map) explores the link between scent and place using high quality ingredients. Immortelle, 43/17 is inspired by the Dalmation Coast and has accents of honey, orange, orris and ambergis and is dreamy, warm and aromatic.

£145 | Extrait de Parfum | 15ml




Perfume Love OsmanthusAtelier Cologne, Love Osmanthus Cologne Absolue

Atelier Cologne, Love Osmanthus Cologne Absolue
From the husband-and-wife perfume powerhouse who have given new life to the overlooked cologne, Love Osmanthus is based on the nocturnally blooming Chinese plant with glossy green leaves and bewitching orange flowers exotic citrus-infused floral locked down by cedarwood

£95 | Eau de Cologne | 100ml

Available from Selfridges

by Caroline Simpson