Glass reviews Sculpted by Aimee Connolly’s latest make-up collection

SCULPTED by Aimee is an award-winning independent cosmetics brand, first launched in 2016 by Irish make-up artist Aimee Connolly. Becoming perplexed and disillusioned with the growing amount of products seemingly required to achieve a flawless face, the vegan-friendly brand sought to simplify this process with multi-purpose cosmetics.

Sculpted by Aimee have created a range that comprises of dewy creams, pearlescent foundations and hydrating formulas, completely eschewing from the use of animal testing. In a murky industry – seething with cosmetic cancelations and confusion – Sculpted by Aimee is an honest brand with a clear ethos, to renew a passion for beauty with innovative and clean products.


Second Skin Foundation – Dewy Finish

Receiving a cascade of glowing reviews for their Second Skin Matte Finish Foundation, the brand followed by releasing a dewy companion. As the name implies, this foundation provides a light veil over the skin, allowing the skin’s natural pigmentation and texture to glisten underneath, but can also be layered to reach medium coverage.

This foundation glides seamlessly over my combination skin without adhering to any dry patches, leaving the skin with a subtle shimmer.

With a formula that contains SPF 50 and is 100% mineral-based, this foundation is one of the most natural and protective available.

Second Skin Foundation

£25 for 32ML at Boots 

Beauty Base Pearl

The Beauty Base Pearl is one of the brands most treasured and versatile products. Formulated with SPF 30, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and pearlized pigments, the result is a luminescent, protective primer that works to enhance the skins natural radiance.

I have found the individual components of this product enables for multi-purpose use, including using the base on bare skin to moisturise and give a glistening finish. Foundation also melds flawlessly with this primer, creating a heavenly base and alternatively, for a profusion of pearly gloss, I will merge the primer with Second Skin foundation.

 Sculpted by Aimee Makeup£23 for 50ml at Boots

Cream Luxe Blush

The Cream Luxe Blushes melt onto the skin, naturally fusing with the foundation rather than burying the skin In a coating of powder. Available in two shades, Pink Supreme is a sensitive rouge pink, adorning the cheeks in a radiant flush of cherry blossom hues. Peach Pop is Pink Supremes’ peach-toned sister, illuminating the skin with a Georgian-era coral tint, imbued with a more matte finish.

Both cream blushes can be controlled and blended with ease on the skin, without accentuating pores or texture. A versatile product, the blushed could also be applied to lips to form a coherent appearance.

Cream Luxe Pink Supreme

Pink Supreme blush is £16.00 at Boots

Cream Luxe Peach Pop

Peach Pop blush is £16.00 at Boots

Cream Luxe Glow Highlight

A component of the Cream Luxe collection, the Cream Glow highlighters offer a subtle radiance to the cheeks. Created in two luminous shades, Pearl Pop is a pale opalescent shade, flickering with subtle pinks, blues and greens. Champagne Cream casts a more golden tone, as though the cheeks are dripping in shimmering champagne.

With a soft consistency, I found these highlighters can be applied to the high points of the face using just the fingertips, sculpting the skin.

Cream Luxe Pearl Pop

Pearl Pop is £16.00 at Boots

Cream Luxe Highlighter Champagne

Champagne Cream is £16 at Boots

Cream Luxe Bronze

Also a member of the Cream Luxe family, the Cream Bronze is infused with a buttery consistency that allows for an effortless application. The bronzer is warm in tone, adding a healthy radiance to the skin. I use this product to enhance the areas the sun would naturally kiss, avoiding the hollows of my cheeks as the bronzer is slightly too warm to replicate a natural shadow.

Cream Luxe Bronze

£16.00 at Boots

Brighten Up Concealer

The Brighten Up Concealer proclaims Sculpted by Aimee’s excellence and attention to quality ingredients. Enriched with ultra-fine brightening pearlescent particles, the formula blends effortlessly underneath the eyes, radiating a faint dewy finish.

The formula is designed to nourish the delicate skin around the eye, preventing dryness and damage. As someone who suffers from cracked and dry under eyes, this concealer hydrated my skin, while simultaneously leaving a light veneer that resisted creasing throughout long days.

The Brighten Up Concealer

£15 for 7ML at Boots 

Complete Cover Up Concealer

The Complete Cover Up Concealer is a more durable, solid concealer that would be better suited to oily skin types. The mineral-based cream is intended to be used in conjunction with the Second Skin foundation, substituting the areas the foundation did not cover. It’s true, when I combined this concealer with the foundation, it was undeniably a match made in makeup heaven.

The Cover Up concealer was the first I have come across that truly neutralises my rosacea, discolouration and pigmentation, without irritating those areas.

The Complete Cover Up concealer

£15 at Boots

Complexion Brush Duo

If the Second Skin foundation and concealers are ingredients in a spell, the Beauty Buffer Brusher is the magic wand orchestrating the illusion. The double-ended brush features a larger, velvet-soft foundation side, which spread and deposited the foundation evenly over my skin, evading any usual streaks.

The concealer end is precise and sturdy, with the capacity to reach the far corners and crevasses of the face, perfectly tapered to cover the inner eye.

Complexion Brush

£17 at Boots

Full Face Edit: All-In-One Palette

For practicality, The Full Face Edit Radiance Palette covers all facets of makeup application. The pallet signifies Sculpted by Aimee’s introduction into powders, encompassing a matte bronzer, a warm rose-toned blush and a dark sepia shaded eye shadow. Rich and dewy creams also feature, containing a cool cream highlighter, flecked with gold shimmer, a peony tinted cream blusher and a metallic coppery shadow base. From this pallet alone, I can create a myriad of opposing styles, from graceful, glossy skin to a more conspicuous sweeping eye makeup, bursting in gilded hues.

Full Face Edit

£32 at Boots

by Sophia Ford-Palmer