Glass celebrates Hypnotica Illamasqua’s psychedelic festival cosmetic collection

SUMMER has arrived finally in the UK and the heatwave has begun. This can only mean one thing – festival season is upon us. It’s time to free your mind – and your make-up. This heady carnival spirit has inspired British cosmetic brand Illamasqua to launch their Hypnotica collection   comprised of Lava Lip, Lip Lure, Sketch Sticks, Dolly Lashes and Slick Sticks in a range of colours which encourage the wearer to express their cosmetic creativity.

SMALL USE ILLAMASQUA - Summer Hypnotica - Shot 5A psychedelic look created using the Hypnotica collection

What is good about the range is that it allows you the freedom to be as bold or subtle as you like. Illasamasqua products are always high quality, packed full of long-lasting pigments.

Illamasqua Lava Lipstick

Illamasqua Lava Lipstick (£19.50)

The marbleised lipstick, Lava Lip, with its highly pigmented shades creates an intense colour, generating a vibrant lavender-y mauve colour lip effect with a smooth satiny finish. The colour can be different every time here, depending on how you blend it. But in order to form that long-lasting definition, try the colour intense, retractable Slick Sticks to define your lips first.

Slick Stick Lip in Dream

Illamasqua Slick Stick (£18.50)


Illamasqua Dolly Lashes

Illamasqua Dolly Lashes (£11.00)

These handmade, cruelty-free (like all of  Illamasqua’s products – the brand recently celebrated its full PETA accreditation) Dolly Lashes are for me the must-have product from the Hypnotica range. Enhance your natural lashes with this fun, flirty product.

 Illamasqua Sketch Stick in HigherIllamasqua Sketch Stick in Higher (£15.00)

Illamasqua Sketch Stick in TranceIllamasqua Sketch Stick in Trance (15.00)

Illamasqua Sketch Stick in FreeIllamasqua Sketch Stick in Free (£15.00)

The Sketch Sticks comprises of seven vibrant shades like hot pink, lime green, yellow and cornflower blue all made of  the long-lasting, high quality pigments. These creamy and easy to apply sticks are pleasingly versatile and can be used as eye-shadows, lip pencils, highlighters or on the cheeks (green though?) so you can design bold, expressive  looks – for the face and even the body, why limit yourself to the face? – with this multi-use crayon.

USE ILLAMASQUA - Summer Hypnotica - Shot 4Another look created with the Hypnotica collection

Make your own personal statement this festival season by being bright, bold and fearless.

by Kirsty Small

with editorial support from Caroline Simpson

Illamasqua’s Hypnotica limited edition collection is available from here

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