Glass reviews the Lady Showbiz skincare routine

WHAT is it that attracts a Lady of a Certain Age to a skincare regime? Mainly noticing things that were not there before: the frown line between the brows – even when you are happy. The little spider lines that crease up when you smile and other people trying to be kind tell you it gives your character.

The well -meaning, “You look tired, is everything OK?” when you’ve had your eight hours of shut-eye and feel fresh as a daisy, but look a bit more Dawn of The Dead. That’s the sort of thing that makes you get stuff, to not look like that. So I bring you the rather fabulous Lady Showbiz skincare regime.  It’s three things. It’s not expensive. It’s not harsh. And it works.

vitamin ace moisturiser

Lady Showbiz Vitamin ACE Moisturiser: £16.99

To be fair, as a lady of a certain age, I love anything that has “Showbiz” in the title, or even “Lady” for it invokes the spirit of no matter how rubbish you feel, the show must go on. What is it in that , that is not to be applauded? Times in general Covid times are quite rubbish, and how we actually look should be quite far down the scale of important stuff.

But it is very important. Routine, looking OK, and doing what we can both psychologically and physically, to weather the storm, to come out of all this rubbish feeling not only kind of OK but really pretty great.


pro age eye cream

Lady Showbiz Pro Age Eye Cream: £17.95

So, hurrah, hurrah Lady Showbiz, a brand whose name not only makes me feel a bit pop star but whose ingredients are that winning combination of effective yet gentle, making a maximum impact with minimum intervention.

Lady Showbiz deliver gentle, economical and noticeable changes within my case, ten days. It’s a simple, three product regime of day stuff, night stuff and eyes, eyes being the window not only of the soul but of the ageing face.

rejuvenating night cream

Lady Showbiz Skin Rejuvenating Night Cream: £18.99

Here’s what you should know. The Skin Rejuvenating Night Cream absorbs quickly on a freshly washed and dried face. After ten days of use, I wake up with skin that is not pillow crumpled nor has that “I just woke up, don’t look at me til I’ve been in the bathroom for an hour with two cups of coffee and heavy-duty cosmetics.”  The Pro Age Eye Cream locks in moisture with the go to hyaluronic acid, and diminishes the excess baggage look underneath.

My favourite of the trio is the simple Vitamin ACE Moisturiser, containing retinol, Vitamin C and E. It’s a great, not too greasy base before primer or foundation, and in the right ,non-irritant proportions. The creams are very lightly scented with lavender and grapefruit, clean smells that don’t interfere with any actual scent you might wear to bed or during the day.  Easy on the wallet, and gloriously gentle but effective on the face.

by Michele Kirsch