Glass tests Guerlain’s new Rouge G lipstick and case

CUSTOMISABLE beauty casings can sometimes feel a bit gimmicky to me, but with Guerlain’s Rouge G, I felt this was far from the case (no pun intended). With a sleek design no larger than a regular lipstick, the added feature of a replaceable case with a double mirror makes application ever more effortless and smooth – no more excuses for poorly applied lipstick.

Replacing the original cover of a lipstick, Guerlain gives us the fuss-free addition we didn’t know we needed. With a selection of 30 semi-matte It-Colours and 15 cases, there is a Rouge G for everyone.

Rouge G Simply White Case, Guerlain

Rouge G Shade No 78, Guerlain

Designed by Parisian jeweller, Lorenz Bäumer, each case is decorated with a vibrant monochrome leather effect; emerald, mustard, white, red, blue …  After all, it’s 2019 and everything we have must spark joy, and if this addition to your beauty collection doesn’t spark joy, I really don’t know what will.

As mentioned, it’s 2019 and everything you own must spark joy, but that doesn’t singularly cut it, there must be multiple functionalities and Guerlain, hurrah!, delivers on this brief. A combination of vibrant colour and decadent lip care, the It-Colour collection is enriched with hyaluronic acid for plumping and black seed oil for hydration. Infused with black cumin seed oil (also known as the oil of the Pharaohs) its renowned for its antioxidant, nourishing and regenerating properties. Infused with this glorious elixir, I had no fear of cracked lips. Semi-matte and dense, my lips were flawless. The lipstick stayed put and didn’t fade.

Rouge G Hype Purple Case, Guerlain

Rouge G Colour No 74, Guerlain

Guerlain’s Rouge G makes a lot of claims, and luckily, it lives up to all of them. Opting for No 78, the deep purple gave me bitten and flirtatious plum lips, perfect for Valentine’s Day or a night out with my best girls.

The case itself is hassle-free, I have no worries about my lipstick dropping out or forgetting the case; they’re a duo, one incomplete without the other. Its curved design is ergonomic and sleek; its silver and embossed finishes add an element of luxury, sparking ever more joy in my little lipstick-obsessed heart.

Like a bullet in my hand, I feel powerful and ready for the day with this single item. Guerlain have given me the handbag essential I didn’t know we needed, but will be buying  immediately.

by Robyn Ngan

Rouge G De Guerlain lipsticks retail for £26 and the case retails for £18; they will be available from April 2019

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