Gucci announce London’s Tate Modern to host Cruise 2025 show

GUCCI has unveiled London’s Tate Modern as the location in which they will host their Gucci Cruise 2025 fashion show.

The Tate Modern is a creative hub alongside the Thames River, surrounded by scenic views of some of London’s most iconic buildings.

A perfect backdrop for Creative Director Sabato De Sarno’s vision for the new collection, the famous art gallery brings an eclectic community together in conversation about art, culture and architecture, centred in an environment that encourages innovation and provokes boundaries.

Sabato De Sarno’s deep admiration for London derives from his numerous trips to the city, where he immersed himself in its culture, style and personality — which ignited within him a creative vigour.

The Maison has a long-established connection to the spirited city, which dates back to Guccio Gucci, whose time in London during the 1890s marked an influential moment which developed his learning of luxury and craftsmanship.

To have the Tate Modern as the backdrop for Gucci’s Cruise 2025 show merges together art, the world of fashion and the House’s legacy. The event marks the Maison’s dedication to encouraging a dialogue that expands various cultural hubs across places, people and moments in time.

Gucci also announces their support of the Electric Dreams exhibition hosted at the Tate Modern — on show in the Autumn later this year — and additionally, their three-year partnership with the art gallery, aiding the Tate’s projects with young creatives.

by Nicole Pereira