Tod’s teams up with Venetian Masters for a new exhibition

IN A celebration of Italian craftsmanship, Tod’s has just released a new creative project. Titled A Project by Venetian Masters, the latest offering stars the Gommino – one of the brand’s most reputable symbols.

Eleven Venetian Masters have interpreted the Gommino through their corresponding art, tools and mastery. Demonstrating the brand’s dedication to Italian art and culture, the Venetian Masters imbue unparalleled expertise and know-how into their designs.

Tod’s’ commitment to Italy’s heritage is impossible to ignore. Alongside restorations to the Colosseum in Rome, Palazzo Marino in Milan and the commitment to the Teatro alla Scala, the brand is now partnering with the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Arte.

A Project by Venetian Masters will be presented at an exhibition during the opening days of the 60th International Art Exhibition of Venice. Surrounded by affluent names and Venetian Masters such as Roberto Beltrami, goldbeater Marino Menegazzo, Saverio Pastor, Piero Dri, Matteo Seguso, Lucio Bubacco and Sergio Boldrin, the exhibition will be an unmissable display of culture and craft.

The exhibition The Art of Craftsmanship – a Project by Venetian Masters opened on Friday, April 19th with a cocktail in honour of the Italian Pavilion and is open to the public on Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st.

by Sophie Richardson