Gucci opens new luxury destination in LA – the Gucci Salon Melrose

GUCCI unveils its first-ever Gucci Salon in Los Angeles, a city synonymous with luxury, glamour, and red-carpet debuts. The Gucci Salon Melrose is an exclusive, appointment-only destination designed as a transformative and creative space, providing clients with an unparalleled experience of intimacy, discretion, and indulgence.

This innovative boutique concept challenges the conventional retail experience, offering a unique universe for each global Gucci Salon location. At the heart of Los Angeles’ Melrose Place, the inaugural salon pays homage to Hollywood’s rich heritage and the city’s first Gucci boutique, which opened on Rodeo Drive in 1968.

In partnership with award-winning set and production designer Gideon Ponte, a long-term Gucci partner, the salon is an exquisite fusion of private home ambiance and movie set splendour.

Showcasing Gucci’s most exceptional pieces, including Valigeria, precious leathers, High Jewellery, watchmaking, accessories, and high-end custom collections, the space is adorned with luxurious fabrics, luminous ivory tones, and theatrical flourishes that evoke the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age.

The dynamic nature of the Gucci Salon Melrose allows for endless possibilities of reinvention. It’s free-standing cabinetry and curated furniture enable the space to be redefined and tailored to each client’s personality. This unique setting embodies the creative exchange central to every Gucci Salon, where dreams are transformed into reality.

by Zlata Kryudor  

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