Hardy Caprio releases Rapper with accompanying music video

HARDY CAPRIO has dropped his addictive new track titled Rapper, accompanied by a brand new music video directed by WoWa and produced by CallMeTheKid. Caprio shares his opinions on shallowness and the alluring facades of todays generations through his lyrics in Rapper – expressing how it is increasingly important to appear affluential and flaunt your wealth.

However, the upbeat track and the party-like atmosphere of the music video disguises the meaningful lyrics so that such notions may be digested subconsciously while irresistibly moving to the rhythm. Creating a single which incorporates such different layers is part of the 21-year-old’s take on the UK Grime scene, boasting the qualified-account-turned-rapper’s intelligence.

Hardy Caprio RapperThe artwork for Hardy Caprio, Rapper

Caprio, who’s set to appear at some of the hottest festivals this summer, is tipped to be a rising star of 2018. The Rapper music video is the first instalment of Hardy Season – a series that will see the Croydon-based artist release a new track and music video episodically over the next 12 weeks.

Take a look at Hardy Caprio’s Rapper video below:

by Joseph Furness

Hardy Caprio – Rapper is available to stream and/or buy now

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