Katharine Hamnett T-shirts for Kids Company appeal

Fashion designer, Katharine Hamnett has released four new T-shirt designs in support of children’s charity, Kids Company. The charity targets children in challenging circumstances throughout London and Bristol and intensively supports 18,000 young people.

Using emotive slogans to represent the charity’s aim, Hamnett etched the words “peace” and “love” against bold and neutral tones, creating a dramatic yet simplistic design. Highlighting current issues of neglect and abuse, the t-shirts are raising both awareness and money for the cause, with £3 – £5 from every sale going to Kids Company.

Available to both children and adults, the T-shirts range from electric blue to hot pink and in adult sizing, light to dark grey. Opting for either a fitted or loose cut, the statement T-shirts are worn to advertise the charity’s belief in “loving care”. Promoting a positive image, the wearer dons affirmations to encourage stability in children’s lives.

Camilla Batmanghelidjh, founder of Kids Company stated, “Katharine Hamnett is a genuine pioneer and social activist with an amazing heart, who has reached out to the children of Kids Company in yet another act of compassionate leadership”.

Kids Company Katherine Hamnett t-shirt charity


by Emma Walsh

The collection is now available here

Children’s T-shirts are priced at £18 with £3 from every sale going to Kids Company.

Adults T-shirts are priced at £30 with £5 from every sale going to the Kids Company.