A super smiles for a good cause

The supers are almost as well-known for their philanthropic contributions as they are for the way in which they shaped fashion during the ‘90s, and now, the smouldering Helena Christensen, renowned goodwill proponent, is lending her profile to Operation Smile. In collaboration with Shamballa Jewels, the globally renowned model has customised a one-of-a-kind edition of Shamballa’s seminal bracelet, “shamballaising the world one smile at a time” in a heartfelt effort to raise funds for the non-profit medical service charity.

THE LUXURY COLLECTION HOTELS & RESORTS Celebrates Opening of “VISUAL JOURNEY, PERU” Photo Exhibition by HELENA CHRISTENSENHelena Christensen at her Visual Journey, Peru exhibition

Founded in 1982, Operation Smile, also a non-governmental organisation (NGO), provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palette and other facial deformities, and as of 2013, has done exactly that for over 200,000 children around the world, allowing them to live healthy lives, and most importantly, helping them to smile. Alongside Shamballa, Denmark-native Helena, an acclaimed Oxfam ambassador and all around creative authority, has created a play on the signature bracelet featuring a pavé of pink sapphires in the center, surrounded by grey moonstones, blue sapphires, brown diamonds, and finally festooned by Star of Shamballa beads in 18K rose gold.


Prior to the charity auction, the spangled benefactor is set to be revealed at the Vs. Magazine Better exhibition at the Dillon Gallery in New York on March 11. The single edition piece will then be auctioned by online charity auctioneers Gavel & Grand between March 11 and March 21, with the bidding starting at $12,000 for what is truly a benevolent cause. Shamballa, stepping up to support the commendable initiative, are a brand that prides themselves on spreading good will through their bejeweled, spiritually inspired, reveries.

Also originating from Denmark, they aim to construct jewelry that encourages the possibilities of connecting to our inner compassion and wisdom, fuelled by both tradition and innovation, the iconic Shamballa bracelet has remained a coveted, custom-made, collectable for high-profile personalities the world over, from Jay Z, to Gwyneth Paltrow and even Karl Lagerfeld. The creative director, Mads Kornerup, a major advocate of Operation Smile’s vital endeavors, beaming with joy, reveals that they “are honoured that she (Christensen) accepted our request to customise the bracelet”.

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As well as the hand-made bracelet, Gavel & Grand will also be auctioning artworks by choice photographers, including Helena Christensen, which will benefit Christy Turlington Burn’s Every Mother Counts, Chernobyl Children International and David Lynch Foundation. It’s Kornerup’s personal belief that certain gemstones bring out certain qualities within each person, and such a crusade is sure to not only do exactly that, but first and foremost, bring a smile to the faces of all that are involved in this selfless gesture to those who are sadly marked with such an unfortunate affliction.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Shamballa Jewels and Style.com