Laszlo Bordos creates video-mapping projection for Fendi headquarters in Rome

ONE of the – literal – highlights of Videocittà, the Italian audiovisual festival, is the Palazzo della Civiltà, also known as the Fendi headquarters in Rome. The building will be the canvas for the next video mapping projection by the Hungarian artist and leading expert in this field Laszlo Bordos. The Romanian born artist has had his work projected from Paris to Dubai on a variety of buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, concert halls and most recently the Fendi headquarters in Rome.

Laszlo Bordos creates video mapping projection for FENDI headquarters in RomeProjection on the Palazzo della Civiltà

Lux Formae, the most impressive architectural mapping project to happen in Italy, is about storytelling through light, Bordos intends to create a succession of light sculptures through the projection of light, his artistic medium of choice. Light is something intangible and fluid yet the building is massive and robust and the 41-year-old artist wants to bring this contradiction to life. IN an a performance which took place last night, Bordos creates the illusion of lights supporting the building, where light steals the characteristics of the building and visa-versa, watch his abstract vision come to life in the video here.

For just one night, the building is fully transformed brought to life through projections of a hi-tech brush highlighting Rome’s and Fendi’s affiliation with art, beauty and fashion.

by Lupe Baeyens

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