Dior debuts new film J’Adore The New Absolu

IN a dimly lit Turkish bathhouse, Dior pays ode to women and femininity. Directed by French-Greek director Romain Gavras and starring Charlize Theron, the film sees Theron emerge from water surrounded by a diverse body of women, who walk towards the camera, each completely individual but stronger together. In golden excess, the film is sensual and striking, unfolding in smooth languid images to Kanye West’s track Flashing Lights.

Charlize Theron in the latest video for J’Adore The New Absolu

Characteristically Dior in its indulgent imagery and bold glamour, the film celebrates women for their beauty, strength and sexuality, championing the female form without objectifying Theron or her surrounding women. Both incredibly intimate and wildly extravagant, Theron is a heroine figure, acting as a symbol of sisterhood and femininity, who transforms during the film’s duration from first standing nude underwater to, in the final scene, walking dressed in a decadent tulle gold gown. Notably, each women wears a different interpretation of the dress, symbolising their togetherness but unique individuality.

In the final seconds of film, Theron looks directly into the camera and whispers the word J’Adore, the name of Dior’s signature fragrance. On the film, Theron states, it “… felt like a real coming together of femininity and women kind of standing together and being very powerful. The J’Adore woman has always been a forward thinker and is always on the move.”

by Emma Hart

You can view the film and J’adore fragrance here


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