LFW AW15: Phoebe English

Phoebe English began her show at LFW by flicking on the lights and allowing calming tribal-like beats to echo through the small room in the BFC presentation space. The atmosphere was tranquil and soothing as her models began to slide out onto the runway.



There were only a few models, all creeping slowly out onto their designated path, parts of their hair shellacked into place. English clearly has a mild addiction to the trend of using sheer fabric this year, all of her garments containing at least one element of see through tulle or netting.

The first few looks had sheer trousers grazing the floor while the tops were slightly more covering, but as the show went on it became more clear that anyone who chose to not wear these garments on the runway would need some to protect their modesty.



The palette was simplistic, all black and white except for one pale pink skirt halfway through the show, but Phoebe English does tend to work within the realm of black. Many of the garments were layered on top of each other and anything with short sleeves was accompanied by flared arm warmers. English is a rather young designer, but based on her latest collection, she is definitely making her way up.

by Anna Coughlan

Images Courtesy of Purple PR