LFW AW15: Ong-Oaj Pairam

The theme of excessive luxury was apparent at the Ong-Oaj Pairam AW15 show, with key focuses on fame and fortune trickling down to even the invitations. Presented on black card with a surprise aromatic centre, was Glass’ ticket to witness such extravagance. Pairam used a scratch-and-sniff card to bring to life the scents of the rich; featuring signature smells labelled “success” and “not getting out of bed for less than $10,000”.

With a strong focus on pop culture, Pairam was inspired by both classic and contemporary idols, which moulded his collection into a presentation of iconic dress. Using luxurious fabric, from satin to velvet, it was a celebration of extravagance. Key details such as sunglasses and fur stoles highlighted the celebrity status, as Pairam explored the contrasting themes of anonymity and notoriety.

Metallic shades juxtaposed the staple items, adding a subtle contrast between the grey coats and the silver detailing. Focusing on the silhouette, Pairam used fitted designs to convey a strong sense of femininity; belts emphasised waists, while draping fabric romanticised the movement.

Pairam chose AW15 as a platform to explore the themes of luxury and fame, challenging the representation of modern celebrities. With many inspirations he has crafted a versatile collection that stays true to his original style.




by Emma Walsh

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