Louis Vuitton Fondation announces Cindy Sherman exhibition

FOUNDATION Louis Vuitton has announced the most extensive Cindy Sherman exhibition to be presented in Europe over the last decade. Set to consist of 170 works spanning from 1975 to 2020, it will feature more than 300 images in addition to some previously unseen works.

Cindy Sherman, Untitled, 2004

Designed in close collaboration with the American artist, the exhibition will cover almost 5,000 square feet of space to comprise her entire career, with a heavy focus on pieces produced in the early 2010s.

Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #13, 1978

Curated in partnership with Sherman herself, the retrospective will run parallel alongside Crossing Views, showcasing a selection of pieces from the Fondation’s collection that echo her work. Different interpretations of the portrait through various mediums such as painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation will be explored, while featured artists include Louise Bourgeois, Damien Hirst, and Andy Warhol to name a few.

Andy Warhol, Ladies and Gentlemen, 1975

The exhibition collates around 20 French and international artists of different generations and backgrounds, comprising around a total of 60 works, and will mark many being put on display at the Fondation for the very first time. 

by Cara Jenkins

Cindy Sherman and Crossing Views will be on display at the Fondation Louis Vuitton from April 1 to August 31, 2020.