Sticky Mango – It’s time to get stuck in

Offering a morsel of modern South-East Asian taste in each dish they serve, Sticky Mango, located just a short walk from the South Bank and Waterloo Station, is the kind of place to get stuck in. Chef Peter Lloyd has travelled extensively around Asia and his creations are inspired by real experiences in the continent. Whether that’s being invited into private homes in Indonesia to learn from home-cooks, or simply tasting the food on the street stalls of South-East Asia, Lloyd has embraced each culinary experience with a sincere appreciation for the craft.

Black Pepper Prawns

Chilli Lobster and steak

Lloyd describes his food as “an explosion of flavour – offering a portal into an exotic world”, and post-meal I couldn’t help but agree. Upon tasting just one mouthful I was transported back to my year studying in Hong Kong, in which weekends would be spent travelling to nearby countries tasting and experiencing as many cultural delights as I could cram in. Opting for the nine-course tasting menu, priced at a mere £39, I was treated to Malaysian puff pastry, Thai prawn curry, Singapore Char Kuey Teow, and Indonesian Pandan macaron, amongst five other stunning dishes. A special touch to the evening was the personal welcome by Peter Lloyd who came to our table to introduce us to the menu and suggest dishes for the night. Full of personality, knowledge, as well as talent, it is no surprise the chef has received the critical acclaim he has. Restaurant critic Faye Maschler gave him a 4* review, Giles Coren scored the cooking an 8, and Marina O’Laughlin noted: “The food is so good, it’s a surprise to find that chef Peter Lloyd doesn’t hail from Kuala Lumpur.”

Marrying sweet, sour, salty and umami flavours together in a harmonious melody of small to large dishes, the menu consists of an array of meats, fish and vegetables to accommodate any dietary preference. Offering both a vegetarian and meat tasting menu, the wonderful team at Sticky Mango are able to combine dishes from both menus to suit pescatarians, like me, as well as any other special requests to ensure you receive the utmost attention to satisfy your palette.

Malaysian Chicken Curry Puff and Chicken Satay

Interior of Sticky Mango

Pandan Macaron

Stand out dishes of the night were the black pepper prawns served with dehydrated pineapple, jicama and pea shoots – the perfect combination of sweet and salty that left you salivating for more; the truffle egg fried rice – an adaption of the classic dish with a more elegant approach and refined ingredients, and finally the two desserts: the eponymous sticky mango rice dish that Lloyd has become renowned for and the Pandan macaroon served with soy salted caramel ice cream. Not forgetting the exquisitely light yet decadently rich curry puffs, available in both vegetarian and meat versions, which presented airy structures of warm buttery pastry filled with finely chopped ingredients that burst with a curry flavour so more-ishly sharp yet simultaneously sweet that you found yourself licking your fingers after the last bite.

The decor of the restaurant hones into the menu’s influences, with warm lighting, traditional wooden pieces and decorative gold finishing serving a slice of South-East Asian delight. Plates are rustic – resonating with Lloyd’s time eating from street stalls, whilst table and chairs celebrate simplicity and understated elegance. The atmosphere is welcoming and homely, with an unfussy attitude. It is this, combined with the lovely staff and even lovelier food, that makes Sticky Mango one of my favourite finds of London.

Peter Lloyd

Sticky Mango dish

by Lily Rimmer

The nine-course Tasting Menu at £39 with a Vegetarian Menu at £30
Sticky Mango continues RSJ Restaurant’s reputation for Loire Valley wines with a carefully curated list of unusual wines.

33 Coin Street,
London, SE1 9NR,