Maintain your lockdown hair with Four London’s colour preservation treatments

WITH our beloved salons closed once again, many of us are at a loss on how to maintain our increasingly unruly hair. From keeping colour tip-top to roots suitably touched up, it’s easy to fall into the havoc of a DIY hair disaster in the confines of our own four walls.

Fortunately, Mayfair hair salon Four London,  who recently celebrated its 10th year in business, has just the solution – a collection of three preservation treatments that are perfect for keeping colour-treated hair flawless in lockdown.

FOURLondon, Outside closed modThe exterior of Four London, Mayfair

Restoring lustre to worn-out hair, the first treatment, the Clear Gloss Cuticle Smoothing Treatment, gives each strand a radiant finish. Simply, towel-dry hair to 75 per cent, comb through and sponge the solution over your hair. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse for an instant, incredible shine.

FOUR London ReceptionFour London’s reception

Tailored to each client’s individual needs, Four London’s Vegetable Colour, the second treatment, is a non-chemical dye and therefore will not lift pre-existing colour. Instead, it creates warmth, richness and depth, noticeably brightening and reviving your hair colour whenever you choose.

Lastly, the salon’s ever-popular Smudge Kit. Particularly beneficial for those battling grey re-growth, the treatment – available only to current clients and bespoke to each client’s colour prescription – is designed to maintain your hairline and parting once your roots begin to show.

FourLondon, Lockdown hairFour London

“We have managed to keep our clients happy by making available our Bespoke Colour Service Smudge Kits. These enable clients to maintain their hair colour during lockdown and have proved a really popular service,” says colour director Maleeka Robb, one of the founders .

“We send full instructions on how to use the Smudge Kits and let them know we are at the end of the phone if they need any advice on using the kits or on how to manage their hair at home. It is a service we provide for clients all year round as well, as a lot of our business clients can’t always get to the salon, but need their colour to look fresh at all times.”

by Joshua Hendren

Pricing on request. For more information, visit FourLondon

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