MFW AW15: Dolce & Gabbana

Doting on their romanticised vision of the good life, Dolce and Gabbana nurtured a collection that, aside from remaining endlessly chic, took the majority of its cues from pregnancy Italian style. Youthful designs displayed a childlike wonder, not just in the scrawled nursery-rhyme like embellishments, but in the babydollish slips and airy candyfloss pink furs.





This was all set against garments made for the matriarch of the family, this then saw D&G  attiring racier lace LBDs and other rose and religious iconography drenched dresses with more respect. This was how the duo intended to go on this season, tight-fitted skirt suits and power fur stoles struck up a stylish age gap with flouncy fantasy ball gowns and naively high hemlines.

The mother and daughter motif worked well here and as models came out toting bunches of fiori in their baskets, or even a child here and there, it sung of new life and fashion zeal in the Milanese rag trade once again.





The homeliness of the whole affair reminds us that beyond producing nice photogenic clothing, fashion should act on behalf of connecting one another; certainly D&G, with their sprightly and very well-executed array of good-for-the-soul clothing, still have the ability to do so.

by Liam Feltham

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