MFW AW15: Giorgio Armani

Armani has stayed resolute in his intention to keep elegance moving forward. Retaining its more fabulous features, the designer swayed more towards the cooler ender of the spectrum in overall temperament and softened up the harsher angles his womenswear has often grown used to.





Layering embellishments, luxe plays of matte and shiny dress fabric, bumps of fur and also caped cuts, Armani demonstrated that he remains just as observant to the ways a fashionable woman moves best and despite the Italianate allure that is instantaneously associated with the mere utter of his famous name, his contemporary statements are in fact becoming increasingly internationally inspired. This is part of the glamorous glint in the timeless eye of his brand that keeps his public coming back time and time again.

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The metallic and midnight-black velvet layering even moved on to seamlessly wrapping skirts around the upper quarters of his seriously smart slacks just to evidence that a little experimentation at the hands of Armani can do no wrong and one can certainly still learn some new tricks. Generally however, this was a collection that unquestionably upheld an iconic designer’s perpetual reign as one of Milan’s mightiest players and 86 pieces down the line, it ended his fashion week in a spectacular reverie of true style.

by Liam Feltham

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