MFWM AW19: Tod’s

EASY to wear, easy to walk. Set in the beautifully peaceful Villa Necchio, in the heart of busy Milan, Tod’s AW19 presentation focused around lightness and comfort, the two primary elements often forgotten in a man’s everyday life. The theme of the collection – “gentlemen’s flow” – draws out the new equilibrium between desire and functionality, introducing new materials, technologies and aesthetics to the Tod’s line.

Flow refers to the capacity to interpret balance and harmony in a sequence of rhythms, but beyond music, it signifies someone being absorbed in an activity. Between bookshelves and art pieces, models bestowed the space with their gracefulness and calm, proudly showing Tod’s new apparel and accessories.

In the building next door, Tod’s No Code revolution was taking place. The closed off exhibition space was dedicated to celebrating the best achievement in science and ergonomics, while introducing the brand’s latest concept: shoeker. This hybrid project merges a shoe and a sneaker by fusing innovation, technology and Italian craftsmanship. Guests were invited to awe at the hologram of a shoeker, learning more about its composition and its significance in modern fashion.

Traditionally sartorial garments in the collection were mashed with techno-tailoring: the urban runner shoe received a new sole for maximum versatility, while the lace shell also got a performance upgrade. There were twists and turns also with the classic Gommino pattern, introduced on caps and gloves, as well as new ergonomic pash bags and backpacks.

Tod’s gentlemen’s flow married the best of Italian tradition with the modern outlook, rethinking the agenda for contemporary menswear.

by Olga Kuznietsova

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