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GIVENCHY’S Riccardo Tisci whipped AW16 back to Paris this season where the designer laid on all the usual Givenchy-isms but with the emphasis on mystic. Placing the symbol of the eye at the clandestine crux of his latest collection Tisci seemingly set about to establish Givenchy, if not himself, as an all-seeing eye over the fashion world following his major anniversary of a decade outing in New York last season perhaps giving him something to reflect on.




This season more decadence was lavished upon the clothing compared to the last, with all the mythological iconography being framed by furs and python skins aplenty and then illuminated by jigsaws of lamé and lengths of decorated silk fit for a pharaoh.

A couple of more timid lace numbers did interact with this, but their wholesomeness got dominated by the queen of Sheba vibe that really made this collection excel.




To summarise, nothing was expected and each piece was gorgeous in its own right, but if it did fall flat it was because it’s just all so Givenchy. Because Tisci failed to push any further the compelling new theme of a conversation with the mythical occult of historical civilisations, we can only really speculate on to more imaginative extremes, it just felt a bit like another Givenchy collection.

But hey, Givenchy is doing well at being Givenchy right now so who are we to dismiss Tisci’s new world order for AW16?

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Givenchy

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