Pre-Fall 22: Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci’s Pre-Fall 22 collection was born in the wind. Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter’s work is known often for being submerged underwater in aesthetic, however this time their curiosity is driven by a different element – air.

For this collection, the brand ventured into investigating wind sports, exploring the motions of skydiving, windsurfing and bungee jumping.

The Nina Ricci duo created a collection that looks one way when still, however once movement is created through the movement of air, it is transformed into a whole new silhouette. The garments are inspired by the performance wear needed to partake in these sports, as well as classical silhouettes found in their archive.

Ricci’s historical use of the cocoon has been blown up like parachutes, as well as being constructed out of the fabrics used within these sports. Classically tailored jackets and dresses have been reconstructed in the back with panels, that, once again, look blown up to resemble a parachute.  

Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 22

“Contrast prevails” reads a statement from the House, with clashing prints and colliding textures featuring throughout. Classic checks are paired with neon activewear prints of kite-wings and blurred parachutes.

No stone was left unturned in terms of research for this collection, as the trousers can even be unzipped to mimic the fluid movements of kite-tails and ribbons. 

This season, the accessories follow a practical approach – with elongated totes and crossbody camera bags – all made out of fabrics mirroring those within the collection. Nina Ricci’s concept is flying high, but the functionality is made to stay down on earth. 


By Pia Brynteson

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