PFW AW14: Nina Ricci

Peter Copping, heritor appropriate at Nina Ricci, who, going by the splendid throng of garments this season, fits into the feminine mould quite impeccably, provisioning the kind of heart and soul that the label prospers from. He brought it home for AW14, with an intimate collection, completely in sync with what a woman wants, by day, by night, and by and by, for off duty moments but still wishing to remain elegant.

NIN_0150.450x675 NIN_0662.450x675

The essentials of light glamour glimpsed on the catwalk, inspired by lounge-lizard casuals with stylish high-neck silks, which ooze an astonishing sensuality, more than enough to appease their prime consumer. Thanks to the versatility of the collection, the mix and match pyjama-esque pieces, can be taken to new heights outside of the boudoir, with breezy leathery pieces, sumptuous cashmere knits, and more silky, petal pattered blouses.

Copping got the ball rolling in the nick of time by introducing an unstructured aesthetic that didn’t feel remotely languid, the swooping, blanket-like double faced coats are a testament to this, with mammoth, endless collars, a real winner this season. Adding a dash of furry pelts to the mix accentuate aspects of glamour, alongside signature skirt suits and wraps, embodying a formal grace, equally the gilt-edged filigree of the peplums achieve this feet as well, the most flattering compliment to the romantic, womanly colour palette.

NIN_0395.450x675 NIN_1080.450x675

The appliqued flowery accents reappeared in the chic, come-hither, eveningwear, almost too delicate for their own good with silk lace and knitted panels, slashed to the hips and inspiring allure to the nines. Undeniably Copping has an inkling into what women desire, this collection was mature, unaffected and uncontrived, what we should be seeing more of, after all, clothes that cherish the body is all that we need.

by Liam Feltham

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