SAYE and Desserto Mexico launch vegan sneaker

THE ONLY trend that won’t go out of fashion is sustainability. Whether it be replacing your plastic bag with a cotton one or choosing to buy less but better, it is something we should all do more of. SAYE is a brand that looks at design from an eco-conscious perspective using innovative technology to recreate classic staples through a sustainable lense.

Collaborating with Desserto Mexico on this new sneaker, the Spanish brand are replacing leather with an alternative material, namely Nopal Cactus.

Saye vegan cactus trainers

Saye vegan cactus trainers

Saye x Desstero Mexico

Used for the lines and heel of the sneaker, Desserto Mexico have made a name for themselves by taking the cactus leaves and turning them into leather – founders Adrian Lopez and Marte Cazarez have also proven that the material is durable to last at least a decade. The lining and laces are equally as forward-thinking as they are made completely from bamboo and organic cotton – all PETA approved.

by Imogen Clark