Shayne Oliver announces new collaborative exhibition – Mall of Anonymous

A MULTI-HYPHENATE conquering territories of fashion, music and art, Shayne Oliver is bolstering his legacy with a new immersive exhibition that merges all of his creative sensibilities. 

Collaborating with curators Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen, the instillation will transform Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin, into a two-and-a-half store walk-in sculpture that reflects upon the American ideal of malls as a place of leisure and social hierarchy amongst the youths of yesteryear. 

Shayne Oliver

Each section of the sculpture will represent on of Oliver’s branded subsections, including the luxury label, Shane Oliver, the collaborative Anonymous Club, and a haven for elevated basics, As Seen by Shane Oliver (ASSO).

The exhibition introduces a new mascot – an three-headed acid green Chihuahua – playing on the monstrous guardian of the Greek underworld Cerberus, and a sponge of pop-culture references that harks back to 2000 it-girl culture, 90s horror movies, Japanese Kawai culture and a metaphor for the sometimes hellish social reality of early teens. 

by Ben Sanderson