The Glastonbury 2023 shopping guide is here

TODAY officially marks one week until Glastonbury 2023 and if you, like me, are still scrambling to put together the final pieces of the magical adventure ahead, the guide below will prove crucial. From camping gear to footwear, the items in this guide cover a variety of bases to ensure you are fully prepped, both practically and fashionably.

The last time I attended Glastonbury I was 11 years old, a time in which I had parents to rely on for everything and anything, so admittedly I may have gone a little overboard… Better to be safe than sorry.

Star 5m Bell Tent in Oxford Ultralite 100gsm at Boutique Camping £495

The cream of the crop, the belle of the ball, the star of the show… Renowned for being strong, spacious and incredibly striking, the star bell tent by Boutique Camping ® has mastered the art of camping. Built with a three metre central pole to allow you to stand up – an absolute luxury in the world of tents, featuring a one metre canopy under which you can hide from the sun or rain, as well as a guaranteed bug-free interior, enabled via the 360° mesh walls, the design is respective of all requirements of an outdoor adventure. Plus, the nifty windows around the bottom edge of the tent that allow breeze to enter whilst you snooze get top marks from me.

The 5m Bell Tent can sleep up to eight people, making it the perfect investment for a group heading to Glastonbury. And though some may fear the weight and maintenance of cotton bell tents, this one is made of Oxford 100GSM, which is waterproof, quick drying, lightweight and requires pretty much zero maintenance, making it a cost-effective option, particularly for festivals.

Forclaz Trekking Sleeping Bag £59.99, Quechua Pillow £19.99, Quechua Inflatable Camping Single Mattress £84.99, Quechua Camping Bedside Table £19.99, all at Decathlon

The ultimate way to complete the luxury of the bell tent is a sleeping quadruplet from Decathlon. As someone who has camped for two weeks in a small tent in Cornwall, I know full well how frustrating losing your most important bits are within the confines of a humid space. The Quechua camping bedside table creates a haven of organisation with pockets, pull out drawer and a foldable build, meaning it can be easily stored when not in use.

I also know how crucial a good sleeping set up is. Quechua’s self inflatable (just leave it with the valve open and viola) 70 cm mat builds the comfort of your own home, and when paired with their Ultim Comfort shape-memory pillow you’ll soon be asleep. The Forclaz sleeping bag is the ultimate temperature regulator, perfect for those who start off cold and wake up too hot – the two 3/4 zips with two-way cursor for heat management creates ventilation to suit.

Yeti Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler £200

Anyone who enjoys to camp should own a Yeti. They’re the leaders in the coolers game, building products that are engineered to be tough, light and ultimately very cool. The Hopper Flip® 8, which has the insulation power only a Yeti® Cooler can provide, can house 8 cans of sweet Glastonbury nectar, using 2:1 ice-to-can ratio.

And when we tried it for ourselves, the cans were still cold after a 12 hours. The DryHide™ Shell is made from a high-density fabric that withstands punctures and UV rays, and with a high performance zip, there’s no risk of any warmth affecting the cool. Plus, if you really want to ensure the ice cold longevity, you can purchase one of their can insulators, which has the added bonus of keeping your hands dry.

Hi Gear Haven Shelter 350 £195 with Side Panel £22 at Go Outdoors

The perfect party roof come rain or shine. The Hi Gear shelter features 350 x 350 x 240cm dimensions meaning you can have an ample pre-festival drink with up to 8 people – chairs included. It is held up by as strong steel structure, and is made of heavy duty polyester fabric that is fire retardant and features 80% UV protection. Plus, the colours are pretty enough for group pictures and with a nifty side panel, you can ensure a protective layer from any wind carried rain.

Eastpak Transit’R S Camo Dye Khaki £145

For those packing light, the Eastpak Transit’R in small is the perfect companion for Glastonbury. Featuring multiple pockets, an integrated locking system, and dual front carry handles, and this camo printed case is the durable support you need for all your festival fits.

DB Hugger Roller Bag 90L £299

Alternatively, if you’re the type to bring three variations of walking boot and a makeup bag dedicated purely to glitter, then perhaps the larger option from DB, the stylish wheeled luggage for adventurers, is for you. With multiple pockets, an incredibly lightweight finish, and an integrated ribcage construction that keeps everything inside fully protected, the packing for Glastonbury just got that bit easier.

It is also Hook-Up System™️ compatible, a feature exclusive to DB that allows other DB products to be attached together to provide ultimate ease. The backpack below, for example, can safely store itself on the front of the roller bag in order to give your back the break it needs.

The DB Hugger Backpack 25l £169

Ember Travel Mug £189

This is the holy grail piece of technology for those who like to start the day with a hot drink. At Glastonbury, the process of having to make a cuppa can seem so daunting that you find yourself either skipping the caffeine or spending far too much on the hunt for some.

The Ember Travel Mug means you only need to find hot water, and with this smart heated travel mug you can then set an exact drinking temperature and keep it there for up to 3 hours, so your drink is never too hot, or too cold. Slurp on it in victory as you head back to camp.

Antler Clifton Vanity Case in black £80

The ultimate companion to anyone who wants to have their toiletries at the ready this festival season – this vanity case by Antler is an agile, effective, and stylishly suave addition to your packing necessities. Downsizing their best-selling luggage, the Clifton, Antler have built a unit that provides crucial extra space for makeup, beauty products, or even camping bits that you don’t want to lose. With internal dividers and pockets, your life can stay organised, and the strap feature serves as an additional bonus, allowing you to carry it on the go. Plus, if you also have an Antler suitcase, you can easily attach this to the top for ease whilst travelling. A robust yet lightweight solution for all festival goers.

Sisley Paris Super Stick Solaire Teinte SPF 50+ £88

Small and compact, this mini suncream stick by Sisley Paris is the ultimate addition to your festival party pouch. For those who have delicate areas of the face that respond poorly to heavy suncreams, Sisley Paris has created a super stick that is equipped with a high-performance complex of latest generation mineral screens, particularly indicated for sensitive areas of the face. The tinted versions also double up as makeup coverage, so there isn’t any need for the makeup-post-suncream mess. It is incredibly soft to apply and it isn’t affected by a little sweat.

AllSaints Catriona Mariana Bandeau Swimsuit in Orange Tiedye £89

The ultimate multi-purpose must have for a festival. With a dual fit as a bandeau for festival looks as well as a swimsuit for a dip or for when you are simply lounging in the beating sun, this nifty swimsuit in orange tiedye will make you a source of envy for fellow festival-goers.

66 NORTH Kria Funnell Neck Shell Jacket £375 exclusively at

66°North has collaborated with London department store Selfridges on an exclusive unisex capsule collection for the festival season. The capsule includes a variety of styles that work on the 66°North 1990’s heritage ‘Kría’ collection, building retro colour blocking and workwear style. Made in technical Polartec NeoShell fabric, this jacket is wind proof, waterproof yet still retains breathability, making it the perfect jacket for the unpredictable British weather.

Le Chameau Vierzon Jersey Lined Boot in Vert £160

Le Chameau are the leaders of the classic festival boot, having started their company in 1927 and retaining a reputation of the only rubber boots to be handmade by a single master bootmaker. It means each boot is unique and retains a special value to own. The first Vierzon style, seen above, was made in 1965 and it has come to be a well cherished design for outdoorsy people.

Handcrafted from their natural chamolux rubber with a polycotton and tartan patterned jersey lining, and it feels like your calves are being cushioned by silk. The shock-absorbing dual-density grip outsole is enduring, resists abrasion and is suitable for all terrains, and when considered alongside the effortlessly stylish fit with a shiny olive finish, and the opportunities to wear are endless. It doesn’t need to be only for Glasto.

Hades Rebel Rebel Jumper £225

Widely thought to be one of the best performances of Glastonbury history, David Bowie’s 2000 show, which was also recorded live and produced into an album aptly titled Glastonbury, reclaimed his legendary aura. It was also a performance shrouded in secrecy for a long time due to the fact that the BBC cut off the streaming of it after a mere four songs, a request Bowie made himself.

So what better way to say I’m a Glastonbury know-it-all than this glorious Hades jumper, from their Hunky Dory: The Bowie collection, made with the softest knit. Pair it with shorts and cowboy boots and you’ll be Glasto ready.

Belstaff Trialmaster Wax Jacket in Faded Olive £495

Wax jackets have become synonymous with the festival style diaries Glastonbury has produced year on year. It’s a jacket that, like the classic wellington boot, escapes trends and is timeless in its purpose. It is Belstaff’s definitive jacket since 1948, built initially for the gruelling conditions of The Trialmaster, the Scottish Six Days Trial motorcycle event, but now cherished for journeys of all kinds. The Belstaff wax jacket features a flattering waist belt, corduroy collar and brass metal detailing, perfect for a practical punch with style.

Holzweiler Sognsvann Low Rubber Boots in Black £220

There are rumours that we might have a high 20s weather forecast for the weekend of Glastonbury *she prays*, and if that’s the case, I’ll need lower boots for breathability. The Holzweiler Sognsvann low rubber boots in black are the perfect option for this scenario.

Made in collaboration with Norwegian heritage brand Viking footwear, they are 100% waterproof, and made in natural rubber that is vegan and PVC-free. The overall design is incredibly stylish, with a chunky grip platform, all black design, and smooth matte finish, meaning you can pair them with anything and everything.

Bring on Glastonbury 2023!

by Lily Rimmer