Tod’s spotlights Italian artistry in its pre-spring 2024 collection

CURATED under the skilled guidance of Walter Chiapponi, Tod’s pre-spring 2024 collection is a bold statement of grace, a testament to Italian craftsmanship, and a celebration of the material that has become synonymous with Tod’s – leather.

Through an artistic cycle of reduction, deconstruction, and reconstruction, Chiapponi unveils a wardrobe filled with thoughtful design and purpose. Free from frivolous decoration, the collection celebrates function, building a symphony with shapes, fabrics, and colours.

Tod’s signature material, leather, is treated as a divine creation in this collection. Light and enticingly supple plungé nappa leather updates classic women’s staples. Each piece has a sensual, linear silhouette, from the athleisure allure of biker bomber jackets to the stately elegance of pocketless wide trousers and pencil skirts.

The colour scheme is reminiscent of summertime when magnificent woods and ivory are glistening in the sun. T Timeless messenger and T Case, two of Tod’s most recognisable handbags, are back with a new look that echoes this comfort. The bags, which are examples of skilled workmanship, change form and combine exoticism with utility, whether it’s the polished leather inlays and patchwork on the T Timeless tote bags or the raffia and canvas and natural leather in Kate’s chain buckets, each bag is a reflection of its owner.

In regards to the footwear offerings, a marriage of Tod’s rich heritage with innovative details births the iconic moccasin, which is given a modern update with the help of the T Ring chain and brushed leather. The feminine versions of these men’s shoes range from rugged cowhide boots to lacy ballet flats and embellished leather pumps.

In the realm of Tod’s, everything expresses elegance. It is the portrait of a woman rooted in the rich tradition of Italian fashion yet tuned into her contemporary lifestyle, cementing this as a testament to the luxurious simplicity that Tod’s so effortlessly delivers.

by Zlata Kryudor

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