The Sipsmith Frost Fair opens at The Green Room in the National Theatre

THE Green Room Garden bar at the National Theatre has been transformed into a cosy wintry haven with festive wreaths and blankets to host the Sipsmith Frost Fair where guests can escape the cold weather and discover a new way to enjoy gin.

Sipsmith frost Fair
The Green Room Garden bar

Sipsmith Frost FairSipsmith Frost Fair event, 21/11/17, © James Bellorini Photography

Six cocktails have been specially created by Sipsmith and the Ham Yard Hotel for this festive event. Since the menu was inspired by the use of hot drinks to keep people warm in the 1970s and Sipsmith is a venerable gin distiller, all of the cocktails will feature Hot Gin. The menu includes The Hot G&T, Mulled Sloe Gin, Mulled London Cup, the Hot Negroni, Mulled VJOP and Gin Hot Toddy.

Sipsmith Frost FairHot Negroni

Sipsmith Frost FairThe Hot G&T and Mulled Sloe Gin

Sipsmith Frost FairMulled London Cup

Glass attended the launch of the Sipsmith Frost Fair. The fair is located at the front of the Green Room restaurant and bar which is behind the National Theatre – if you walk perpendicular to the South Bank past the side of the National Theatre, you will reach a road and should see the Green Room directly in front of you. Sipsmith and the National Theatre have gone all out to get visitors into the Christmas spirit. The bar is decorated tastefully with wreaths and Christmas trees – we especially enjoyed the gin-based puns written on blackboards surrounded by festive garlands.

ATIONAL THEATRE, SIPSMITH FROST FAIR EVENT 21.11.17. (LO-RES) - James Bellorini Photography (15 of 19)Sipsmith Frost Fair Event, 21/11/17, © James Bellorini Photography

We tried all six cocktails on offer. Glass’ favourites were the Mulled Sloe Gin and the Mulled VJOP. These two cocktails have the same base ingredients – apple juice, assorted spices, an orange slice, tea and vanilla – but with a different gin. The hint of berry flavours of Sloe Gin and Sipsmith VJOP, which is brewed with juniper berries, perfectly complement the mulled cloudy apple juice.

As well as cocktails, we were treated to festive food. Marshmallows were toasted, and chestnuts were roasted. These are a fun, festive addition to a gin-filled evening. We also tried a taster of the Christmas menu of the Green Room. We tried the beef brisket croquettes, smoked cheese and chestnut fritters and the chocolate and cranberry cookies accompanied by eggnog milkshakes. We were not enamoured by the eggnog, but the cookies were delicious.

Sipsmith FrostfairMulled Sloe Gin

Sipsmith Frost FairSipsmith Frost Fair event, 21/11/17, © James Bellorini Photography (1 of 19)

by Allie Nawrat 

The Sipsmith Frost Fair runs from November 22 to December 23, 2017

The Hot G&T and Hot Negroni are priced at £8, the other four cocktails, Mulled Sloe Gin, Mulled London Cup, Mulled VJOP and Gin Hot Toddy, cost £8.50

The Green Room Garden Bar, 101 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP

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