Burgers for the discerning diner

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Tommi’s is a burger-lovers burger joint, with two London locations from which it serves its succinct, American-retro menu: Marylebone and King’s Road. We visited the former on a Friday evening and, as one might expect from a central London eatery, it was busy. But, unlike many places in the city, Tommi’s Burger Joint is busy with locals and those in the know, and that’s always a good sign.

The restaurant’s allure lies not only in its menu but also in its atmosphere – the décor is kitsch without trying too hard (think The Kramer in one corner and vintage diner-style milkshake signs in another) and the playlist is good. You order at the counter; we decided on the steak burger and the monthly special – for May it’s an Asian-inspired creation with succulent confit belly pork and Sriracha – plus fries.

They have a more than extensive selection of condiments, including a homemade béarnaise that tastes incredible and rare American barbeque and hot sauces. Although we didn’t go for it this time, we’d also recommend the classic beef burger – it’s wonderfully nostalgic with its classic, time-tested ingredients that remind us of childhood parties in the very best way.

The brand is actually Icelandic and is wildly popular in its home country. Its origin works in its favour; the food and ambiance have all the wistful charm of Americana, but it’s combined with the clean, unfussy nature often credited to Scandinavia. The main courses are sizeable, but we couldn’t resist the milkshake for dessert. They’re as thick as mid-melted ice cream and the flavours are rich – vanilla tastes just as it should, like pure, freshly scraped beans, cream and sugar.

by Becky Zanker

 Tommi’s Burger Joint, 30 Thayer Street, London W1U 2QP, England