Trudon introduces new diffusers with two Belles Matières scents – Reggio and Maduraï

THE oldest still active candlemaker in the world, Trudon has introduced two new diffusers for their Trudon diffuser collection. The two Belles Matières scents come in a Reggio and a Maduraï fragrance, which will leave your home with a relaxing and refreshing aroma.

The diffusers come in a fluted container, shaped out of blue glass and adorned with a gold emblem.

Trudon Belles Matières Reggio

The Reggio edition features a hint of citrus from Calabria, a southwestern region in Italy known for its beautiful beaches. The fragrance has heart notes from Mandarin essential oil, which has a softness and elegancy to it, while the notes of grapefruit give the diffuser its freshness.

Trudon Belles Matières Maduraï

The Maduraï version is a tribute to Indian jasmine, which gives the diffuser a refreshing yet calming scent. The base notes are benzoin resin, a vanilla-like undertone, while the head notes come from Ylang-Ylang, a plant that bears sweet yet floral hints. The heart notes of the Maduraï diffuser springs from the Sambac Jasmine oil which highlights the scents of the other notes with its floral, sweet, and tea undertones.

by Julie Heinisch

The Belles Matières diffusers retail at £175 with refills being priced at £80 and are available to purchase from today